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Raj Bhavan MP : Bhopal the state

Bhopal : a state is born

  • The State of Bhopal was established by Dost Mohammed Khan, an Afghan soldier, in 1724.
  • Dost Md. Khan
    Dost Md. Khan

  • He rose to prominence by taking advantage of the disintegration of the Mughal Empire.
  • This was when the predominantly Hindu city of Bhopal began to come under the influence of Islamic culture and architecture.
    • Dost Mohammed Khan established his capital 10 km away from modern Bhopal, at Jagdishpur.
    • He named it Islamnagar (meaning the city of Islam).
    • He built a small fort and some palaces at Islamnagar. A part of the fort has been restored to its original glory only recently.
    • After few years, he built a bigger fort on the northern bank of the Upper Lake.
    • This new fort was named Fatehgarh (the fort of victory).
    • Later on he shifted his capital to the current city of Bhopal.
    • Though the ruler of Bhopal, he acknowledged the suzerainty of the declining Mughal Empire.
    • His successors however, declared Bhopal as an independent State.
    • His successors also acquired the title of "Nawab".
    • In the 1730's the Hindu Marathas conquered several nearby states, including Indore and Gwalior.
    • However, Dost Mohammed Khan's successors ensured that Bhopal remained a Muslim-ruled state under their leadership.

  • In 1817, the British Government of India and the Nawab of Bhopal signed a treaty of dependence.
  • Following the agreement, Bhopal remained a friend of the British Government till the time the Britishers ruled over India.
  • In 1818, Bhopal became a princely State in British India.
    • The Bhopal State included the present-day Bhopal, Raisen and Sehore districts.
    • It was a part of the Central India Agency.
    • Bhopal Agency was formed as an administrative section of Central India.
    • In addition to Bhopal, the Bhopal Agency included some princely states to the northeast, including Khilchipur, Narsinhgarh, and Rajgarh.
    • 1931 onwards, Dewas State was also included in Bhopal Agency.
    • It was administered by an agent to the British Governor-General of India.

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