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Raj Bhavan MP Bhopal : Buildings


The important buildings in the campus of the Raj Bhavan are as follows

  • Secretariat : it has several wings - education, protocol, etc.
  • Dispensary : Allopathic as well as Ayurvedic
  • Jawahar Khand : this is a key building and the main administrative unit of the Raj Bhavan. It houses the following :-
    • Office of H.E. the Governor
    • Secretary to H.E. the Governor
    • O.S.D. to H.E. the Governor
    • A.D.C. to H.E. the Governor
    • Press Officer to H.E. the Governor
    • P.A. to H.E. the Governor
    • Visitors' Room
    • Conference Room

    jawahar khand from residence
    Jawahar Khand, viewed from the residence

  • Residential Building : it houses the following units :-
    • Presidential Suite/Prime Minister Suite
    • Durbar Hall - used for oath-taking ceremonies, meeting delegations and ministers
    • Venkat Hall - it is an extension of the Durbar Hall
    • Banquet Hall
    • Guest Houses - 2
    • Lawns - 1, for oath-taking ceremonies

The following buildings and units offer support and miscellaneous activities

  • Post Office
  • Bank
  • Library
  • Officers' Quarters
  • Police Barracks
  • Servants' Quarters
  • Forest Area
  • Stores

Additional Construction Activity

  • The first additional construction within Raj Bhawan started in 1975. The following buildings came into being :-
    • Guest House
    • Dispensary
    • Conference Hall
  • The Secretariat building was the next to be built
    • The foundation stone for the secretariat was laid by Shri N. N. Wanchoo on 30th March 1978.
    • It was built at a cost of Rs. 1.84 lakhs
    • It was inaugurated on 2nd Oct 1979 by Shri C. M. Punacha
  • The next structure to be constructed was the Jawahar Shatabdi Khand
    • The foundation for this was laid by Shri K. M. Chandy on 14 th November 1988
    • The structure was inaugurated by Shri K. M. A. Khan on 26 th January 1991
  • The Post Office building at the Raj Bhavan was inaugurated by Shri Bhai Mahavir on 25th January 1999

Miscellaneous Information

  • Building upkeep and construction in the Raj Bhavan is the responsibility of the Public Works Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh
  • Security at Raj Bhavan is the responsibility of the State Police, under the Home Department of Government of Madhya Pradesh
  • Horticulture/forest upkeep is with the respective departments of the Government of Madhya Pradesh
  • Finances of the Raj Bhavan are managed through a provision in the general state budget, for which no auditing is done.
  • All the remaining tasks related to the Raj Bhawan are dealt with by the G.A.D., Government of Madhya Pradesh
  • In the Nawab's period, the Raj Bhavan had a tennis court and billiards table too. However, the tennis court has not been in use for quite some time.

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