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Nawabs of Bhopal : Nawab Sultan Jahan

Nawab Sultan Jahan

(9th Jul 1858 - 12th may 1930)
  • The only surviving daughter of Shah Jahan Begum, Sultan Kaikhusrau Jahan Begum was born on 9th July 1858 at Moti Mahal.
  • Married Ahmad Ali Khan on 1st February 1875.
  • She became the Nawab on 4th July 1901.
  • She established a modern municipal system.
  • She continued with the emancipation of women, initiated by her predecessors.
  • Similar to her mother, she too developed her own walled mini-city by the name Ahmedabad, named after her late husband.
  • This city was situated at Tekri Maulvee Zai-ud-din, which was located at a distance of a mile from the fort.
  • She built a palace called Qaser-e-Sultani, also known as Ahmedabad Palace.
    • This area became a posh residency as royalty and elite moved there.
    • The Ahmedabad Palace was the first building in Bhopal made with Italian marble.

    • Ahmedabad Palace in the olden days
      Qasre-Sultani (Ahmedabad Palace)

    • The furniture in the palace was of the European style.
    • The Flag Staff House and Aainaa Banglaa were two complexes used as guest houses.
    • Qaser-e-Sultani Rajmahal complex was expanded gradually and it had complexes like Rahat Manzil, Riaz Manzil, etc.
    • Gandhiji came as a guest to Bhopal in 1929 and stayed at Rahat Manzil.
    • The Ahmedabad Palace is today home to the Saifia College, an old academic institution of Bhopal.
    • She installed the first water pump here.
  • She also constructed a new palace called 'Noor-us-Sabah'. Today, Noor-Us-Sabah is a prestigious heritage hotel of Bhopal.
  • She constructed the Minto Hall as her durbar hall, since she felt the Sadar Manzil was too congested. When Madhya Pradesh was formed later, it served as the Vidhan Sabha from 01st November 1956 upto 2nd August 1996.

  • Minto Hall
    Minto Hall

  • Another important task completed by her was the construction of the Sultania Girls School, which is running even today.
  • She also constructed the Rafiqia Girls School (The school has been renamed to Falcon Christ, run by her Grandson Nasiz Mirza).
  • For the sake of convenience, she introduced the British currency in lieu of the currency of the State of Bhopal.
  • She was the first president of the All India Conference on Education and first chancellor of the Muslim University of Aligarh.
  • When Prince of Wales visited Bhopal on 4th Feb 1922, she declared establishment of an Executive Council of the State and a Legislative Council.
  • She got constructed the King George's Hospital
    • Today, it is the main government hospital of Bhopal
    • It is now known as Hamidia Hospital
    • It was the first hospital of Bhopal which had an X-ray machine
  • She got constructed the new wing of the Sultania Zanana Hospital

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