New Driving Licence Rules January 2024 in India, New RTO Rules, PDF

New driving license rules 2024:- If you are a permanent resident of India and now want to apply for a driving licence and you must know that the driving license rules have been changed by the Indian Government and now people will not have to go through the RTO training test which was conducted earlier by the government agencies themselves to distribute the driver’s licence. The private institutions have now gained the power to conduct tests through which they will be providing certificates to the people and through these certificates, the people can now apply for a driver’s licence. Check out the details related to the New Driving Licence Rules For 2024 in India given below and we will also share with you all the functionality of this scheme 

What Are the New Driving Licence Rules For 2024 in India?

New Driving Licence Rules For 2024 have been implemented by the Indian government since the beginning of the first of July. All of the government driving schools will be shut down under the new driving license regulation which will be beginning in the year 2022. Only private driving schools will be permitted to operate and they will be providing training to the people. The private centre will be operational for a total of 5 years and then they will have to renew their license. The central government has taken this step to enable private training centers to grow. The people who will pass the training through these private training sessions will then be exempt from having to take an RTO driving test when applying for a new driving license.

New Driving Licence Rules
New Driving Licence Rules

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Functionality Of New Driving Licence Rules

People who want to get their driving license will have to first enroll in private driving Institutions and they will have to pass the driving test presented by these private tutors in the institution. The applicant will be provided with the certificate once they pass the private driving test and following the certificate the candidates can then apply for a driving license. The RTO office will be giving the driver’s license based on the certificate issued by the training center and the people will not have to give any other test. This step in order to encourage private institutions that are helping people to learn to drive.

Fee structure under new driving licence

Type of driving licenceFees
Learner licenceRs 200
Learner licence renewalRs 200
International licenceRs 1000
Permanent licenceRs 200
Permanent licence renewalRs 200
Issue and renewal of licence for driving schoolRs 10,000
Issue of renewed driver licenceRs 200
Issue of duplicate licence for driving schoolRs 5,000

Benefits Of New Driving Licence Rules 

One of the main benefits will provide by the implementation of these new rules in the distribution of driving licenses throughout the country is the encouragement that will provide to the private sector that was otherwise not acknowledged by the Indian Government and even if you get a certificate from a private institution previously it was of no use. The RTO officers will be able to take a step back and eliminate the whole test-taking procedure which was previously prevalent in the country and now will abolish. The people will be able to get their driver’s licenses just through the certificate issued to them by their private tutors.

Types of Driving Licenses

There are a lot of different driving licenses which are available now in India. You can check out the details of the driving license given below:

  • Personal Vehicles Driving License Type
    • MC 50CC: Bike with 55cc engine or less capacity
    • MC EX50CC: Vehicle with gear and 50CC or more capacity: Car and Bike.
    • MCWOG / FVG: Bike with any engine capacity but without gears: Scooter or Moped
    • M / CYCL.WG: All Bike with and without gear
    • LMV-NT: Vehicle for transport use
  • Commercial Vehicle Driving License Type
    • HMV: Heavy Motor Vehicles
    • HGMV: Heavy Goods Motor Vehicle
    • MGV: Medium Goods Vehicle
    • Trailer: Heavy Trailer License
    • LMV: Bike, Van, Jeep, and Taxi
    • HPMV / HTV: Heavy Transport motor vehicle or Heavy Transport Vehicle

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RTO New Rules For Training Centers

There are some additional rules which invented by the Indian Government and you can check out the rules below:

  • The training center must have a minimum of 1 acre of land if they are giving training for two-wheelers and two acres of land if they are giving training for four-wheelers.
  • The trainer must have a minimum classification of a High School diploma and 5 years of driving experience in driving school and teaching.
  • The trainer must have passed the education qualifications of High quality driving track test in the Transport Authority curriculum by the Transport Authority of India.
  • The driving time for training of loaded vehicles will be a minimum of 38 hours and the training should complete within 6 weeks.
  • Theory classes on the vehicles will be 8 hours and the practicals should be of 31 hours.
  • If you have a small vehicle then the training will be 29 hours and training should be complete in 4 weeks.
  • The theory time for two-wheelers will be 8 hours and the practicals will be 21 hours.
  • Information technology and other means of training should update in the training center to provide proper information to all of the applicants.

How to apply for a driving licence

  • First of all you have to go to the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway
Driving Licence Apply
Driving Licence Apply
  • The home page will appear on your screen
  • On this page, you have to click on Apply for driver license
  • A new page will appear on your screen
  • On just page you have to enter all the required details
  • Now you have to upload all the required documents
  • After that you have to click on apply for a driving licence
  • By following this procedure you can apply for a driving licence

Procedure to check new driving licence rules contact details

  • To check contact details beneficiaries are required to click on the contact us option present on the homepage
Check Contact Details
Check Contact Details
  • A New page will appear on their screen
  • On this page you can check contact details
Important Links
New driving licence rules 2024 (FAQs)
Can beneficiaries apply for two driving licenses under the new rules?

New rules beneficiaries cannot have more than one driving licence. Having more than one licence is considered as an offense

When are these rules applicable?

These rules will be applicable starting from July 2021. All citizens are required to follow these rules

Can a minor apply for a driving license?

Yes, a minor can apply for a driving licence. In order to apply they have to fill up section D of the application form

In case of facing any kind of challenges where can beneficiaries contact?

if yor are facing any kind of challenges beneficiaries can contact the department the complaint can also be lodged through the helpline number

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