Digital India Platform (DIP): Online Registration, Login, Objective & Benefits

Digital India Platform (DIP) Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched this new scheme which is known as the Digital India Platform through which all of the paper works of the companies will be developed into the digital presence. Also, this scheme will be a great option to earn extra money in the form of Digital Services. In this article, we will share with you all the details regarding the digital India platform so that you will be able to avail the benefits of the scheme.

Digitize India Platform Registration
Digital India Platform

In this article, we shall share with you all the details so that you will be able to apply for the digital India platform and convert your paperwork into a digital presence. We will also share with you all the step-by-step procedure through which you will be able to register your company online at the Digital India platform. When you will read this article further you will also read about the details regarding the login, objective and benefits of the digital India platform.

What is Digital India Platform- DIP

The digital India platform has been developed by the Prime Minister of India to help all of companies reduce their paperwork. Through the digital India platform, companies will be able to convert their paperwork into digital documents. You will be able to digitalize your company’s paperwork within no time so that you will reduce the paper cost of the company and also the company’s Framework will be very confidential because of the digitalization. This initiative was launched by our prime minister to help India become a global power in this era of digitalization.

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Details Of The Scheme

NameDigital India Platform (DIP)
LaunchedPrime Minister
ObjectiveProviding digitalization of the documents

Digital India Platform Benefits Of The Platform

There are many benefits that will be provided to the beneficiaries while they are applying for the digital India platform:-

  • The digital India platform will provide employment opportunities to the contributors.
  • The contributors will be able to take up typing work from the digital India platform.
  • In return of the typing work, the contributors will be able to get points which will help them in getting some remuneration.
  • The contributors can earn up to 15000 rupees on a monthly basis by doing this typing work.
  • Contributors will also be getting IT knowledge.
  • The companies who will enroll under the digital India platform will be able to cut their paper cost.
  • The companies will be running smoothly because of the efficient manner of the platform.
  • Digital India platform will provide a cost-effective manner for companies to develop their documents in a digital way.
  • This is a quick and easy method to convert your documents.
  • This method will create many employment opportunities.

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Digital India Platform Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the digital India platform you will have to follow the following eligibility criteria mentioned below:-

  • The contributor must be a citizen of India.
  • The contributor must have an Aadhar card.
  • Contributor must have a smartphone or laptop.
  • The contributor must have basic data entry knowledge and skill.
  • Contributor must have a working mobile phone number.
  • The contributor must have efficient computer operating skills.

Digital India Platform Online Registration

To register yourself at the digital India platform you will have to follow the simple procedure given below:-

  • First, visit the Official Website of the Digital India Platform
  • Click on the option called registration
  • A new web page will be displayed on your screen
  • Click on the option called sign up
  • Fill in your details
  • Upload your Aadhar card
  • Verify your Aadhar card
  • Upload your mobile number
  • Enter the OTP sent at your mobile number
  • Finally, click on the register button
  • You will be registered at the website

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