MPIGR 2024: Register Your Property at Complete Guide

The collection of taxes and tracking of the transaction rate of all real estate property is done by the  Inspector-General of Registration and Stamps (IGRS). Each state has their own IGRS which keeps the data of all the property taxes. Similarly, Madhya Pradesh has Madhya Pradesh Inspector-General of Registration (MPIGR). This aims to introduce the MPIGR and its services to buyers, sellers, and investors. The MPIGR 2024 also serves as Madhya Pradesh’s main repository for land and property records. If you want to know more about this MPIGR 2023. Then read this article fully. Here we provide you with necessary information such as objectives, benefits, eligibility criteria, registration process and much more. 


What Is MPIGR 2024?

MPIGR stands for Madhya Pradesh Inspector-General of Registration (MPIGR). One of the most significant and financially rewarding departments in Madhya Pradesh is the Department of Registration and Stamps, which also houses the Office of the Inspector General of Registration (MPIGRS). The Madhya Pradesh region is divided into 4 regional officials which are covered under the Zonal Deputy Inspector Generals of Registration. The MPIGR Portal is introduced only for the citizens of the state to offer them property-related services. In the case that the original document is misplaced, stolen, destroyed by fire, or otherwise damaged, some evidence must be presented to authenticate the document. You can also access this port to show the transfer of any property. In Madhya Pradesh, there are 233 sub-registrar offices throughout the state that fall under the district registrar’s offices.

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Key Highlights of MPIGR

Launched ByDepartment of Registration and Stamps (MPIGRS)
Name of ArticleMPIGR 2024
ObjectiveEasier for citizens to check the property-related information
BenefitsEasier to access the services
Eligibility CriteriaResident of Madhya Pradesh
Full FormMadhya Pradesh Inspector-General of Registration (MPIGR)
Official Website

Objective of MPIGR

The main goal of MPIGR is to offer a portal to the residents of Madhya Pradesh, from where they can easily access all the property-related information- They can easily do registration or check the already registered documents. This will save them a lot of time and effort. You can check the related information just by sitting at your home with a single click.

Services Offered by MPIGR

The following list includes some of the crucial services that the MPIGR provides to the public:

  • Property registration
  • E-stamp Verification
  • Document search
  • Electricity bill payment
  • Stamp duty and registration fee payment
  • RERA registration details
  • Stamp duty calculation
  • Guideline value
  • Property Tax Payment
  • Agricultural land conversion check
  • Khasara numbers check
Benefits and Features of MPIGR
  • For the benefit of the residents of the state, the Madhya Pradesh Inspector General of Registration has developed a portal that will offer a variety of services under one roof. 
  • The department will offer various facilities for using online services such as Khasra number verification, registration fee schedules, property tax information, document verification, and many others. 
  • According to the documentation presented in Madhya Pradesh, MPIGR offers information on current data. For easier understanding, the data is separated into several categories, such as documents registered today, this month, and this fiscal year.
  • People can also submit the E stamp duty using the MPIGR site both online and at the time of registration. They won’t have any issues because the steps for logging in and registering on this portal are fairly straightforward.

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What is SAMPADA under MPIGR

SAMPADA is also known as Stamps and Management of Property and Documents Application. It is an online portal which is used by the citizens of the state to do online property document registration and E stamping. The SAMPADA also offers a variety of services, such as slot booking at the sub-office registrars and services like property assessment, stamp duty and registration fee calculation for different types of documents. To improve the working system under the Revenue Department of Madhya Pradesh state, the SAMPADA Portal was started in the year 2015, through which the online registry can be done in a better and more transparent manner. Information about Jama Bandi will be available through this portal, however, at present preparations are being made to launch the Sampada 2.0 portal, so that the Revenue Department will be able to provide even better facilities to the citizens of the state.

Steps for Registration Process under Portal

The user must adhere to the instructions below to register a property online with MPIGR

First Step

MPIGR Official Website
MPIGR Official Website
  • The website’s home page will appear on the screen.
  • On the homepage, you have to select the Login option.
  • The screen will change to a new page.
  • On this page, you have entered the login, password, language, and captcha code.
  • The registration form will then appear on the screen following that.
  • Now, complete the form with all the necessary information.
  • Now choose the Register option from the menu.

Second Step

  • After that choose the Panjiyan ki Prakriya now (Process of Registration)
  • Many choices will appear on the screen, including
    • Panjiyan Prarambh
    • Panjiyan Poornata
  • The Panjiyan Prarambh should be chosen, then the Panjiyan Avedan Aarambh Karein.
  • Then decide on a Vilekh Kshreni.
  • From the list of choices, choose Achal Sampatti Se Sambandhit.
  • Choose Hanstantaran Patra from the Vilekh Parakar tab at this point.
  • After that, choose Vikray/Vikray ka Samanudesh from the Likhat group.
  • To continue, you must have the consideration value for the transaction listed under the term Pratiphal. You will also be asked whether you want to claim any refunds at this time and if you have a property assessment ID.
  • The map will appear on a new page that opens in a new tab.
  • Decide on the location of the property’s city
  • The screen will change to a new page.
Third Step
  • Now, provide all the necessary property information.
  • The market value and registration Number of the property will be shown on the screen.
  • You must specify who is initiating the registration on the following page. Click on his shape, the vikreta, and the vyaktigat.
  • On the following page, provide the seller’s information. At this point, you must also show the seller’s photo ID verification.
  • On the following page, you must input all of the buyer’s details, including a copy of their photo ID. Click the “next” button after that. (Note: If there are numerous consumers, you must still provide the names of the other parties.)
  • You must enter certain property-related information on the next tab. You must also upload a map and images of the property.

Verify E-stamp on MPIGR

The user must follow the instructions below to verify the E-stamp on the MPIGR portal:

  • First, you have to visit the MPIGR official website.
  • The website’s home page will appear on the screen.
  • At this point, you have to select the E-stamp verification tab.
E Stamp Verification
E Stamp Verification
  • The screen will change to a new page.
  • On this page enter the E-stamp ID, Captcha code, and language choice now.
  • Following that, select Search, and the information will appear on your screen.

How to Verify the Value of a Guideline on the MPIGR Portal

The user must carry out the procedures listed below to check the guideline value on the MPIGR Portal:

  • First, you have to visit the MPIGR official website.
  • The website’s home page will appear on the screen.
  • Thereafter, select the Guideline Rate tab.
Find Guideline Rate
Guideline Rate
  • The screen will change to a new page.
  • Choose the year for which you wish to check the guideline value by clicking it now.
  • Then choose the district.
  • The corresponding Guideline Value will be displayed as a PDF on the screen.

How to Verify Khasra on MPIGR in Steps

The user must carry out the procedures listed below to check Khasra on MPIGR:

  • First, you have to visit the MPIGR official website.
  • The website’s home page will appear on the screen.
  • Thereafter, select the Verify Khasra tab.
  • The screen will change to a new page.
  • Enter all the necessary information now, such as
    • District 
    • Revenue 
    • Circle Tehsil
    • Village 
    • Patwari Halka
  • Then choose either Bhu Swami or Khasra Number.
  • Lastly, select the Vivaran Dekhein tab to get more information.
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  • Call us
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What is SAMPADA?

The acronym SAMPADA (Stamps and Management of Property and Documents Application) designates SAMPADA, a web-based computer program created for document registration.

What credit limit is necessary to function as a service provider?

For e-Stamp and other services, a separate credit limit must be obtained; however, there is no requirement to maintain a minimum balance.

What is the license term for Service Providers?

A license can be granted to an eligible applicant who pays the license fee for two years or until the 31st March of the second year of the license application, whichever comes first. The license must be renewed every year.

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