AP Pedalandariki Illu Scheme: 15 Lakh Flat Distribution List, Beneficiary Status

AP Pedalandariki Illu Scheme has been launched by the concerned authorities of the Andhra Pradesh government to help poor people get documents for free house sites starting from 25 December 2020. In this article today, we will share with all of you the details of the new scheme which has been launched by the concerned authorities of Andhra Pradesh state to help the poor people. We will also share with you all the step-by-step procedures to which people can apply for the AP Pedalandariki Illu Scheme and also the benefits and objectives of the scheme. This is a very prestigious opportunity for people to get houses free of any cost in the Andhra Pradesh state.

AP Pedalandariki Illu Scheme

A new housing scheme has been launched by the concerned authorities of Andhra Pradesh state. This scheme will start on 25 December 2020. The Chief Minister of the state will be relocating housing to the people by giving them the necessary documents regarding the houses. It is said that there will be around 30 lakh beneficiaries in this opportunity. The houses will be given in litigation-free areas. The scheme was launched by the Chief Minister on 18th November 2020 through video conferencing. The CM has directed the officials for the construction and distribution of the houses. This scheme is a very vital part of the Navratnalu flagship program launched by the Chief Minister.

AP Pedalandariki Illu Scheme
AP Pedalandariki Illu Scheme

Objective Of Pedalandariki Illu Scheme 2024

Chief Minister YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy is really happy because of the launch of their flagship program under which this new scheme has been set by the concerned authorities. The flagship program has been launched by the concerned authorities of the Andhra Pradesh government to help the people of the Andhra Pradesh state and also to help the economy of the state. This scheme will also help people to get good urban and rural employment opportunities. The identification and acquisition process of plots will be wrapped up by 10th December. The geotag in the houses will be done by 25th December as said by the concerned authorities.

Details Of Pedalandariki Illu Scheme 2024

NameAP Pedalandariki Illu Scheme
Launched byChief Minister of Andhra Pradesh state
ObjectiveProviding documents for free houses
BeneficiaryPoor people of Andhra Pradesh state

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Implementation Procedure Of The Scheme

The scheme will be implemented in two phases as said by the Chief Minister of the Andhra Pradesh state. The first phase will be starting on 25 December 2020. In the first phase, the construction of 15.1 lakh houses will take place. It is said that the expenditure on the construction of a single house will be around rupees 1.80 lakh. The houses will be given to the beneficiaries without any extra cost endured by them. The first phase of the construction is said to be completed in the upcoming month of June in the year 2022. In the second phase of the scheme, the government is aiming to construct around 1300000 houses. This second phase will be starting by June 2023.

Benefits Of The Scheme

The main benefits that will be provided through the implementation of this scheme are the help and support that will be given to the residents of Andhra Pradesh state. The people who are not able to get their own house because of the coronavirus pandemic and because of the lower economy will now be able to get their houses. The concerned authorities will help the poor people to get houses without any extra cost imposed on them. The poor people will not have to pay any extra cost to get houses in this housing for all schemes launched by the Chief Minister.

Application Procedure Of Pedalandariki Illu Scheme

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh state has said that the officials will implement the scheme themselves. On December 23rd, government officials will be going through a week-long campaign regarding the beneficiaries of the scheme. The beneficiaries will have to sign an agreement by just feeling 1 rupee and they will be allocated a 300 square feet house. This procedure will be done by concerned officials by the door-to-door survey. The applicants need not fill out any application form for this scheme.

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