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YSR Housing Scheme:- Andhra Pradesh YSR Housing Scheme:- On 12th July 2019, the Andhra Pradesh Government launched a scheme called YSR Housing Scheme. Under this scheme, the government will distribute free houses on Ugadi. Due to the coronavirus lockdown, the government has decided to delay the process of distribution and fixed a new date that is 8 July 2020 for the distribution of houses. Chief Minister Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy has named this scheme in his father’s name which is YS Rajasekhara Reddy (YSR). If you wish to apply for YSR Housing Scheme 2024 then read this article carefully.

About YSR Housing Scheme

The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy has launched the Andhra Pradesh housing scheme which aims to provide houses to poor people who cannot afford houses. This scheme was a promise made during the election campaign. YSR Housing Scheme was announced by the finance minister of state Mr. B Rajendranath Reddy in the first state budget. The schemes for EWS/ MIG/ LIG category people. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has allocated Rs 2280 crores for these schemes. Under the scheme 2020, the state government will regulate two schemes YSR Economic Weaker Section Scheme and the YSR Urban Housing Scheme.

YSR Housing Scheme
YSR Housing Scheme

Jagananna Colonies Must Resemble Model Colonies

Joining the mega Housing program at Tadepalli on Thursday the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh has suggested the concerned authorities provide all the amenities including underground drainage and library facilities into the Jagananna Colonies. The main aim by giving this guidance is to resemble Jagananna Colonies with modern colonies and not with slums set by the Chief Minister. And to make it possible the CM suggested offering cement and steel at a subsidized rate for the construction of houses under the YSR Housing Scheme. He also ordered officials to provide material at less rate as compared to the market rates to the 15 lakh beneficiaries during the first phase under the YSR Housing Scheme

Key Highlights Of This Scheme

Article aboutYSR Housing Scheme 2024
Launched byGovernment of Andhra Pradesh
BeneficiariesCitizens of Andhra Pradesh
ObjectiveTo Provide Houses
Application ModeOnline/Offline
Scheme AvailabilityAvailable

Material For Jagananna Colonies Construction

As we told you above, the CM of Andhra Pradesh wants to resemble YSR Jagan or colonies to the model colonies and not to slums. For this, he is offering cement and steel at a very low rate as compared to the market rates to the beneficiaries under the YSR Housing Scheme. Along with that he also suggested making changes in providing infrastructure facilities. For this, he has instructed officials to make an Action Plan for the timely release of the fund. He said the material must be available at the time of construction to the people who want to build their own houses.

Constructions Must Be Speedy

The Chief Minister also laid focus on the fast working and the beautification of the colonies. He directed officials to visit every layout and to ensure that the colonies were beautiful and pleasant. So that the people who going to believe in these houses must have a high standard of living and this work should be done at a very fast rate. Along with that he also ordered to set up underground drainage and the construction of roads so that people would not face any problem while traveling to various places.

Sanitation & Hygiene For Jagananna Colonies

Besides the beautification, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh has also laid another main focus on maintaining sanitation and hygiene under these colonies. And for this purpose, he ordered the officials to start planting saplings in colonies. The trees that are going to be sampled will boost people’s health and stamina. The marking for planting the trees must be done while the colonies are being constructed said the Chief Minister.

YSR Housing Scheme
YSR Housing Scheme

Distribution Of Houses Under the YSR Housing Scheme

The government is going to construct 28.30 lakh houses on the land which is 68.361 acres and the value is around 50,944 crore. The main aim of obtaining this land is to provide houses to the people who do not have their land. Under phase first, of this scheme, around 8929 layouts and 175 constituencies have covered with the cost of Rs. 28,040 crore. And the remaining will bill and 2nd phase with 7141 layouts costing Rs. 22860 crores. Along with that 30,75,755 houses have been distributed to the women beneficiaries of the state out of which 15,60,000 houses started building on 25th December 2020

  • In the first phase of the YSR Housing Scheme, the construction of 15.1 lakh houses will start on 25 December 2020.
  • The expenditure on the construction of a single house will be 1.80 lakh per house and these houses will be given to the beneficiaries free of cost.
  • The first phase of the construction is expected to end in June 2022.
  • And in the second phase, the construction of 13 lakh houses will end by June 2023.

Distribution Of House Site Pattas Under YSR Housing Scheme

The Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has extended the date of distribution of house site Pattas to the poor till 20 January 2021. The chief minister at a review meeting at Spandana Programme on Tuesday announced that the distribution of the house site Patta has been completed in around 9668 YSR Jagananna Colonies out of 17000 colonies and the rest will be completed at the early stage. he also directed the officials to ensure that the pending cases related to house side distribution should be resolved as soon as possible.

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YSR Housing Scheme MPFCs

Along with that one and half, an acre of land is required near RBK for multiple facilities such as warehouses, cold storage, drying platform, collection center, primary processing, assessing and procurement equipment, etc. The identification of the land for multiple facilities will be completed by January 31. Around Rs. 10,235 crore are going to be spent for the setting up of MPFCs to bring mobilization of financial resources. Ans about 5-acre land is required to settle up the Janatha Bazaars for the people

Comparison With TIDCO Scheme

The previous government of Andhra Pradesh has left a dept of rupees Rs. 3200 out of which Rs. 1200 crore has cleared by the present Government and is expecting to clear the remaining that in phase 2 of YSR Housing Scheme. If we talk about the TIDCO Scheme 2,62,216 houses are under construction, and around 1,43,600 houses are 300 square feet and 44,300 houses are 365 square feet and 73400 houses are 430 feet. Along with that, a long campaign launch by the Andhra Pradesh government on 23rd December 2020. Under this campaign, the beneficiaries will be free to choose from Chandrababu or Jagan housing scheme.

Unveiled Of YSR Housing Scheme

The chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy unveiled the layout of the Gunkalam colony on 30th December 2020. It’s the largest colony with an area of 397 acres having 12301 plots. Gunkalam layout will become the Nagar Panchayat after the construction work will be completed announced by the CM. Various facilities like Roads, Drinking water, Electricity, Education Facilities, Hospitals, Police Station, Parks, Libraries, RBKs, Health Clinics, Banks will be provided under this layout. YS Jaganmohan Reddy has also announced that not only houses but also the towns for the future are being constructed under YSR housing Scheme.

YSR Housing Scheme
YSR Housing Scheme

Prices Of Gunkalam Plots

The market value of the plot under Gunkalam Colony will be Rs. 3 lakhs and after the Construction, it will increase to Rs. 6 to 7 lakhs. But the houses will give free of cost to the beneficiaries. Around 30.75 lakhs beneficiaries will benefit under this scheme with 28.30 lakhs houses. Along with that, 2.62 lakh TIDCO flats will also build. Out of 28.30 lakh houses, about 15.60 lakh houses will construct in the first phase with the amount of 7 crores and the remaining houses will built in next year.

Energy Efficient Houses Under YSR Housing Scheme

The houses which are available under the YSR housing scheme will be very energy efficient because these houses are built-in support of the BEE and SWISS confederation. Along with that these houses are built under the assistance of APSECM. Along with that, the houses will be provided with Indo-Swiss Energy Sufficient and thermally Comfortable technology. With the help of these technologies, the temperature will be reduced by 2 to 4 degrees in the house. These technologies will be 20% electricity saving and promote a safe and healthy environment also.

Distribution Of Houses Under YSR Housing Scheme

East Godavari327929
West Godavari225862
SPSR Nellore150735
YSR Kadapa167239
YSR Housing Scheme
Apply Online Housing Scheme

(apgovhousing.apcfss.in) Objective Of YSR Housing Scheme

As we all know there are many economically weaker section people who due to weak financial condition are not able to afford houses and they face many struggles. By keeping this in mind the Government of Andhra Pradesh has launched Housing Scheme. With the help of this scheme, the houses will be provided to low income and weaker section families so as they would be able to improve their standard of living. Along with this the impart training for skill up-gradation will also be provided to the people. 

Budget For YSR Housing Scheme

The budget of Rs. 3691.79 crore has been decided by the government under the YSR housing scheme. The budget was formally introduced by the finance minister B Rajendra Nath ready government of Andhra Pradesh. The budget is for 21 welfare schemes which are running on the name of late YS Rajasekhara Reddy and Chief Minister YSR Jaganmohan Reddy so as to provide help to the needy people of this state.

YSR Pedalandariki Illu Housing Scheme

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is going to launch YSR Pedalandariki Illu Housing Scheme on 25 December 2020. under this scheme free of cost houses will be given to the beneficiaries of the state. Around 30.6 lakh beneficiaries are awarded this scheme. now the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh y s Jaganmohan Reddy has given orders to complete the work and distribute the housing site. The Chief Minister also ordered to take steps to vacate the stay Orders.

Pedalandariki Illu Housing Flat Issuance

The YSR Pedalandariki Illu Housing Scheme has been divided into two phases. Under the first phase of this scheme, the construction of 15.1 lacs houses will start from 25th December 2020 and will continue in June 2022. If we talk about the second phase of this scheme the construction of the 13 lacs houses will continue till June 2023. The total investment which is going to occur under this scheme will be Rs. 1.80 lakhs. Along with the free of cost houses, employment opportunities will also be given to the state

YSR Urban Housing Scheme

YSR Urban Housing Scheme scheme is joint creativity of the state and Central Government to provide pucca house to the poor middle-income section and lower-income groups. this scheme has been launched with the aim to develop the urban areas before 2022. The central government has sanctioned Rs. 5000 crore for the successful implementation out of which Rs. 1000 crore have been given by the state government.

The state government and the central government are working jointly to develop the rural areas by launching YSR urban housing scheme. This is quite a great step which is taken by the government. The main aim of launching this scheme is to provide houses to poor people.

AP YSR EWS Housing Scheme

On 12 July 2019, Chief Minister Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy launched the YSR housing scheme. Under this scheme, the houses will provide to the poor people of the state who are not able to build their houses due to their financial condition. The scheme is named after his father YS Rajasekhara Reddy. An announcement for this system has been made during the first state budget by finance Minister Mr. B Rajendra Nath Reddy. The benefit will give especially to EWS/MIG/LIG categories people

YSR Jagananna Colonies Scheme

The cabinet committee on economic affairs has launched the YSR Jagananna Colonies scheme on 8 July 2020. Under this scheme, the beneficiaries will benefit from the land along with the documents for the construction of the houses. Banks are going to provide financial support to the people so they will be able to build their houses. Around 60,000 beneficiaries have awarded under this scheme and 10,000 applications are still under consideration.

Features Of YSR Housing Scheme

  • The various categories of people such as EWS, LIG, MIG has awarded under this scheme.
  • This scheme is a 100% government-funded scheme.
  • Under the YSR housing scheme, the government has decided to pay the amount of Rs. 1323 as arrears paid by the previous government to the Poor.
  • The benefit of the scheme will give only to the citizens of Andhra Pradesh.
  • The scheme will implement in a phase manner.

YSR Housing Scheme Implementation

The chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has directed the successful implementation of the YSR Housing Scheme. As the CM has ordered to complete the beginning work to distribute the housing site for the construction. Along with that the CM also ordered a step to vacate the stay orders in certain areas issued by the High court, where the land process for the house sites has been decided.

  • This Housing Scheme will boost the economy of Andhra Pradesh and will encourage employment opportunities in urban areas. As the people of Andhra Pradesh will benefit with the houses and employment also.
  • This results in the up-gradation in the living standard of urban areas people. The CM of the state has also ordered the procurement process and identification process of plots till December 10.

Benefits Of Housing Scheme

  • The citizens of Andhra Pradesh who cannot afford their house can get shelter
  • All those people who cannot afford to purchase a house can have their own house
  • The urban area will develop
(apgovhousing.apcfss.in) Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to register for Housing Scheme 2021 the following points require-

  • The beneficiary should be a citizen of Andhra Pradesh
  • Beneficiary should have APL or BPL ration card along with a caste certificate
  • The beneficiary should not have their own land or property
Documents Required
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Address Proof
  • Bank Account Passbook
  • Domicile certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Mobile Number
  • Photograph

YSR Housing Scheme Beneficiary Search

Beneficiary Search
YSR Housing Scheme
  • The home page will appear in front of you.
  • On the home page, click on the Beneficiary Search option
Beneficiary Search
Beneficiary Search
  • A new web page will appear in front of you.
  • Here, enter the required details such as Beneficiary ID or Ration Card Number
  • After filling in the details click on the Search option
  • The beneficiary status will appear in front of you

Process To Do Login

  • First, visit the Official Website
  • The home page will appear in front of you
  • On the home page click on the Sign In option
Process To Do Login
Login Form
  • The login form will appear in front of you
  • Here fill the required details such as Username, Password & Captcha Code
  • After filling in the details click on the Login option
Jagananna Colonies Plot Information

The Government of the state is going to provide a 255-acre area of 1.5 cents of the land to the beneficiaries of pulivendula town. In this district, the authorities have constructed 754 layouts and 95,549 plots for allocation and every layout has 10% land for community purposes like parks and playgrounds. This development of the land is taking place on a war footing basis.

Helpline Number
  • For any queries related to Scheme 2021
  • contact on Toll-free contact number 1100
  • Email id- [email protected]

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