Assam Ration Card List 2021: New District/Village Wise APL, BPL List

Assam Ration Card List Online | Wise Assam Ration Card List Download | Ration Card New Beneficiary List | Assam New Ration Card List 2021 Download & APL / BPL Ration Card List|

Nowadays everything is done online so today we will tell you about the most recent online procedure that has been adopted by the Assam government to help all of the people who want to check the ration card for the year 2020. In this article, we will try to initiate every little specification about the Assam Ration card list. Today we will try to educate all of you about the Assam Ration card list for the year 2020. In this piece of article, we have tried to incorporate every little step-by-step guide related to the Assam ration card. We have also mentioned the district-wise and the village-wise list of Assam ration card.

Assam Ration Card List

A ration card is a report which is useful for occupants of the state. The apportion card gives appropriate food things to the needy individuals of the general public. Numerous destitute individuals can profit from the advantage of sponsored food with the assistance of the proportion card in India. Presently, even a nationalized proportion card is disseminated to the residents of India. This nationalized proportion card can be useful for you in getting food supplies all over the nation. In general, the proportion card is the most significant archive for the residents of India.

Assam Bhulekh

Objective Of The Card

The Ration card is of special significance in our nation since it is in some cases taken as a token of character confirmation. There are numerous advantages to the apportion card. Accessibility of the food items at a low rate is the primary advantage in light of the fact that as we probably are aware in our nation commonly needy individuals can’t bear the cost of the food things for their everyday life. The proportion card helps the entirety of the needy individuals to make an upbeat and smooth vocation with no concern of a high rate of food things.

Details Of The Scheme

NameAssam Ration Card
Launched byAssam Government
Launched forResidents Of Assam
BenefitPresenting an online procedure through which the resident can undertake the procedures related to the ration card of the state.
Official website

All Government Scheme

Ration Card Importance

The ration card is really important in India as we use it as our identity proof. The poor families of India are able to take care of their family members due to this ration card by purchasing their food products at very low rates. As we all know there are many people in India that are economically weak and they are not able to purchase some of their daily use products due to high prices. This ration card helps all those poor families to have food products without worrying about any financial burden. 

Kinds Of Ration Card

Ration cards have been issued by the government according to the incomes of the families. The following ration card According to the income are as follow-

  • BPL Ration Card:- Below Poverty Line ration cards are issued to families who are having an income of below Rs. 24200.
  • APL Ration Card:- Above Poverty Line, ration cards are issued to families who are having an income of  Rs. 1,00,000 
  • AAY:- Antyodaya Anna Yojana ration card is issued to the families of landless laborers marginal farmers partitioned craftsman widows sick persons illiterate disabled adults with no means of subsistence

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria to apply for the Assam ration card are as follows-

  • The applicant who does not have a ration card can only apply for a new ration card.
  • The applicants who already have a ration card are not eligible to apply for a ration card.
  • Women of the family can apply for the ration card.
  • The applicant must be a resident of Assam state.
  • An applicant must be a citizen of India.
  • The annual income of the resident must be less than rupees 1 lakh.

Documents Required

The following documents require while applying for the Assam Ration Card:-

  • Proof of no Ration card from the village Head/Gaon panchayat president/ward Commissioner/Inspector, FCS&CA /Concerned Authority.
  • Copies of Birth Certificate
  • Voter List Copy
  • Income Certificate
  • BPL Certificate
  • Tax pay receipt of Land Revenue
  • Residential Proof
  • Pan Card
  • Driving License
  • BPL Family SI. No

Assam Ration Card Application Procedure

Application procedure to apply for the Assam ration card are as follows in a step-by-step manner:-

  • First, visit your nearest ration shop or government office of the public distribution system
  • Go to the counter of ration card
  • Ask for the application form on the counter.
  • Fill up the form
  • Attach the documents mentioned above.
  • The ration card will deliver to your home in 15 days’ time.

Ration Card List

To check the beneficiary list of Assam ration card, you need to follow the steps given below:-

  • First, click on the Official website link
  • A web page will be displayed on your screen
  • The list of the different district in the Assam state will be displayed on your screen
  • Click on your concern district
Assam Ration Card List 2020: New District/Village Wise APL, BPL List
  • The list of Tehsil in the district will be displayed on your screen
  • Click on your concern Tahsil
  • The list of the village will be displayed on your screen
  • Click on your village name
  • Now Unique RC ID Code, Applicant Name, Father/Spouse Name, Type of Ration Card will appear on your screen.
  • Check your name

Process To Change Address In Assam Ration Card

If your residence address have changed due to any reason and you need to change your address in Ration card then you have to submit one of following document to the concerned authorities along with your original ration card

  • Election Identity Card
  • Photo ID
  • Driving Licence
  • PAN Card

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