Dalit Bandhu Scheme List 2024: Sector Wise Details PDF

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the Dalit Bandhu Scheme List 2024. The eligible citizens of the Telangana State who have applied for this scheme and want to check the list of beneficiaries can check it online from the web portal that has been provided by the government. The eligible citizens can check their name and family details here on the list district and block-wise. All that we are going to discuss about the Dalit Bandhu Scheme list 2024 here in this article will only be the important information. All the details about the list and the online procedures will be explained in a very simple way.

Overview of Dalit Bandhu Scheme List 2024

Almost 11 thousand have applied for Telangana itself have applied for this scheme. Since the Dalit Bandhu plan is still in its early stages of implementation, the Dalit Bandhu Scheme List 2024 has not been launched officially for those who have benefited from it. The government has stated that after the program is completely implemented, the list of recipients will be made public. The development of Dalits has not happened since India’s 75 years of independence, but the Telangana government is working towards their full development. The government has also stated that there won’t be any caste, religious, or gender discrimination and that beneficiaries will be chosen in a very transparent way.

Dalit Bandhu Scheme List
Dalit Bandhu Scheme List

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The objective of the Dalit Bandhu Scheme List 2024

The main objective of the Dalit Bandhu Scheme List 2024 is to provide all the crucial details about the scheme and its application procedures. They can do so by visiting The Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme official website and looking out for all the needed details. The Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme application procedure is very simple and easy, and it is available to all eligible citizens. The application form is available for all the people who are \interested in applying for the scheme. They can apply at both the offline government offices and online through the official website respectively.

What is the Dalit Bandhu Scheme?

As we all know there has always been this drawback of Indian society for not treating the lower castes or minorities in an unbiased way. There has always been a sort of ill-treatment and discrimination for the Dalit and other lower caste people. Finally, the Telangana state government has launched a scheme called the Dalit Bandhu Scheme, particularly for the Dalit community which is going to help them financially. Each Scheduled caste household is given a one-time capital assistance of Rs. 10 lakhs under this scheme to start a chosen source of income or a business. Without any connection to bank loans, the help is given as a 100% donation.

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Key highlights of the Dalit Bandhu Scheme list

Scheme name Dalit Bandhu Scheme list 2024
Launched byThe state government of Telangana
ObjectiveTo help the Dalits with financial assistance so they can lead a normal life
BeneficiariesSC and ST of Telangana
Application modeBoth offline and online

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Required documents

You must submit the following paperwork to check the Dalit Bandhu Scheme list.

  • ID card, Aadhaar
  • Card PAN
  • Account information
  • income statement
  • certificate of caste
Benefits of the Dalit Bandhu scheme list

The following are a few advantages of the Dalit Bandhu scheme:

  • It gives SC families financial support to launch income-generating ventures.
  • It aids SC families in achieving economic stability and self-sufficiency.
  • For those in SC, it opens up career prospects.

How to search Dalit Bandhu scheme List

To find out how the Dalit Bandhu initiative is doing. The procedures are as follows:

Dalit Bandhu Scheme List
Dalit Bandhu Scheme List
  • Type in your login information.
  • The “Status” tab will be visible once you have logged in.
  • Select “Status” from the menu.
  • The status of your application will be visible.
  • If you are qualified, the district collector’s office will check your eligibility and choose you as a beneficiary. A one-time grant in the amount of Rs. 10 lakhs will be given to you once you are chosen as a beneficiary. This award can be used to fund commercial ventures as well as investments in education and training.

District-wise List of Telangana state

District NameDistrict Name
Contact details

Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme Helpline Number: – 09000289154. 09000219154.

What is the Dalit Bandhu scheme 2024?

The Telangana government’s scheme Dalit Bandhu promises to end poverty among Scheduled Caste families in the region. Each qualifying SC family would receive a one-time award of Rs. 10 lakhs under the initiative to launch a business or to invest in education or training.

Who is eligible for the Dalit Bandhu Scheme?

Scheduled Caste families in Telangana who are permanent residents of Telangana state are eligible for this scheme.

What are the benefits of the Dalit Bandhu scheme?

For SC families in Telangana, the Dalit Bandhu initiative has the potential to have a large socioeconomic impact. The program will aid in enhancing the financial standing of SC families, which will enhance their standard of living.

When was the Dalit Bandhu Scheme launched?

The Telangana state government officially unveiled the Dalitha Bandhu scheme for the advancement of Scheduled Caste people on August 16, 2021, in the Huzur Abad assembly segment.

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