Dharitree Assam 2024, Search Land Records and Check NOC Status Online

Dharitree Assam:- Since 1874, the state has had the Land Revenue Department, which is one of the oldest departments in the state. The Department previously dealt with a variety of topics, including agriculture, animal husbandry, irrigation, cooperatives, fisheries, the archaeological and museum, customs, finance, industry, audit, and bandvasti. On March 1st, 2007, the division was renamed the Revenue and Disaster Management Department. The Assam government has made an effort to assist its citizens. The Dharitri Assam portal now makes it possible to browse Assam land records online. One of Assam’s oldest departments, the Revenue and Disaster Management Department, maintains Dharitree Assam. Residents can get all land records documents in digital format using the portal. The effort will benefit the state’s residents because it would make it simple for them to register and check their land records online.

About Dharitree Assam 2024

The Assam government has also developed its platform for managing land records, called Dharitree Assam. The Assam Government has begun this new project as part of a recent shift toward the digital supply of land records services. On October 7, 2021, the Assam government launched this platform. The management portals for land records are a stage in the digitization process. An integrated platform for Assamese land records is called the Dharitree. The government continues to make attempts to upload new land records even though thousands of land records are already available on this portal.

Dharitree Assam
Dharitree Assam
  • The citizens of the state will be able to view land records from their houses because of the Integrated Land Records Management System (ILRMS) or Dharitree Assam.
  • The public will be given access to information on land, including updates to land records about mutation, partition, conversion, and reclassification, as well as the collection of land revenue.

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The objective of Dharitree Assam 2024

The primary goal of the Dharitree Assam Portal launch is to provide citizens with an online update of Assam’s land records. For residents of the state, property registration will also be available online. This portal will provide transparency between the citizens and their lands. This a single platform where thousands of citizens get details regarding their land. This will save them time and money.

Key Highlights of Dharitree Assam 2024

Launched ByGovernment of Assam
Name of SchemeDharitree Assam 2024
ObjectiveTo provide the land records in a single portal
BenefitsEasy to view land records
Eligibility CriteriaResidents of Assam

Benefits of Dharitree Assam 2024

  • The gateway will contribute to a decrease in property fraud, lawsuits, and disputes.
  • It will make property registration and transfer in Assam simple.
  • Creating a connection between the revenue circle, deputy commissioner, and sub-registrar will also be facilitated through the Dharitree Assam portal.
  • The gateway will make it simple for state residents to view the digital versions of land records.
  • On the platform, Assamese citizens can submit applications and track their status.
  • The portal can be utilized at home on desktops and cellphones as well.

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Citizen Services provided under Dharitree Assam 2024
  • No Objection Certificate(NOC)
  • Tracking of Application Status
  • Update land records online.
  • Online property registration at the Dharitree Assam website
  • It is an internet method that will aid in collecting land revenue.
Accessing Assam land records on Dharitree requires certain information
  • Name of the district
  • Name of the circle and village/city/town
  • Name of Pattadar
  • Dag Number
  • Patta Number

Checking Land Records on the Dharitree Assam Portal

Follow the instructions below to check land records on the Dharitree Assam Portal.

Dharitree Assam
Dharitree Assam
  • The website’s home page will appear on the screen.
  • On the homepage, you have to select Jamabandi / Land Record from the menu.
Dharitree Assam
Jamabandi Nakal
  • The screen will change to a new page.
  • The circles list will appear on the screen after you select the name of your district.
  • Select the circle’s name now.
  • After that, select the village name from the list.
  • The screen will change to a new page.
  • Now, input all the necessary information, such as the Dag number.
  • Then click the search button after entering the captcha code.
  • If you don’t have the Dag number, you can also select to search for Assam’s land records using the Pattadar name or Patta number.
  • When the list of records is finally displayed on your screen, click the Jamabandi you want to view.

How to Check Land Records Offline

The processes listed below must be followed by applicants to check land records offline.

  • If the village name is not present on the Dharitree services for the citizen site, get in touch with the office circle in your area to obtain the land records.
  • Not all of Assam’s land records may have been digitalized, which would explain the lack of access.
  • To date, almost 26,000 villages have had their information updated on the ILRMS Assam portal.
  • To obtain a hard copy of Jamabandi Assam, go to the nearest circle office and fill out the required paperwork.

How to Find Your Local Assam Circle Office

The actions listed below should be followed by applicants to locate their nearest circle office in Assam:

  • First, you need to visit the ILRMS Assam official website.
Dharitree Assam
Dharitree Assam Portal
  • The website’s home page will appear on the screen.
  • On the homepage, you have to choose “Know My Circle Office” from the How Do I Head section.
  • The screen will change to a new page.
  • Your screen will open up with more information on the city’s circular office when you select the Details option.

The process to track the status of NOC on the Dharitree Assam portal

  • Visit the Dharitree Assam portal’s official website to find out how to monitor the status of NOC.
  • The website’s home page will show up on the screen.
  • Visit the Track Status section on the right-hand side after that.
Track Status
Track Status
  • You can now view the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the NOC option from the drop-down list.
  • The application number must then be entered.
  • On the Submit button, click.
  • You can now check the NOC’s status online.

Access to Assam Land Records Fees

To access Assam land records or any other service on the Dharitree Assam portal, a user must pay a fee. Depending on the service used, the fees could be between Rs 50 and Rs 200.

Application for Mobile Dharitree Assam

To make it simpler for residents to check Assam land records, the Assam government launched the Dharitree Assam land records smartphone application. And more information on Assam’s land. The Panjeeyan Property Registration, NOC, mutation, Assam Land Records, and other features are provided by this program. A citizen may get the pdf after viewing the Assam land register. To verify land records using the mobile application, follow the instructions below:

  • First, download the Dharitree Assam mobile app to your smartphone.
  • Open the application on your smartphone.
  • Click Dharitree Land Records now.
  • The screen will then display the home page for Dharitree Assam.
  • Select your village, circle, or district now.
  • You can also use the patta number, dag number, or pattidar name to search the land records.
  • Enter the Captcha code after that.
  • Finally, your screen will display the Assam land records.
  • The pdf can be downloaded as well.
Contact Details

Please feel free to call the Dharitree Assam Land Records staff at the number provided below:

  • Contact information: +91 361 223 7273
Dharitree Assam FAQs
Where in Assam can I access land records?

On the Dharitree Assam official webpage, residents of Assam can view their land records.

How can I see the status of my object petition against Dharitree Land’s NOC?

These 4 easy procedures will allow you to view the NOC status:
Go to the ILRMS Assam official website in the first step.
Now click “Documents” or “Praman Patra”.
Next, select “View the most recent status of the NOC application.”
Lastly, to check the status, you must input your application number and password.

Can I examine Assam land records outside of the state?

Yes, by going to Revenue Assam’s official website, you can check Assam records from outside the state.

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