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The Karnataka Janasevaka Slot Booking program was created during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to provide opportunities to people who are not able to avail of government services due to various reasons. This program was especially available for the elderly population who are not able to get various identification proofs because they require them to visit government offices. People can now book slots using the official platform and then they can visit the official government authorities to file their complaints or to apply for any type of welfare scheme. The Karnataka Janasevaka will be directly provided at the door and it will save them a lot of time and money. You can check out the major information about the slot booking portal from the article given below and it will also provide you the steps to apply for different programs.

Karnataka Janasevaka

About Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme 2023

The Jana Sevaka initiative was launched by the Government of Karnataka to provide Doorstep Delivery of Government Services to citizens. People can also apply for different types of identification proof through the services that are available by this official platform and their government service will be directly transferred to their houses. Citizens can easily book their slots by calling the call center number or using the official platform created by the authorities. Citizens can also apply for the services through the mobile application that is listed on the official website. The scheme was implemented by the honorable Chief Minister of the Karnataka state starting on 2nd March 2019 during the COVID-19 period through which people were not able to get services due to the lockdown happening in the Karnataka state. The scheme was a success and it is now also continuing to help the citizens.

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Objective of Karnataka Janasevaka

The main objective of this prestigious program created by the Karnataka state is to provide opportunities to the people who are not able to apply for different types of welfare programs because they do not have the time and energy to visit government offices and stand in long lines. By using the official portal that is created by the Karnataka government people can book slots at the government office and then they will have to visit the government office at that particular slot so that they can get welfare services without any waiting. People can also book their slots by calling the call center numbers presented on the official website or through the mobile application that is available on the official website to get downloaded. A lot of opportunities will be provided to the people so that they can live a happy life in the Karnataka state through this portal. 

Key factors of Karnataka Janasevaka

  • The official website is created in order to help people who are not able to get government services. People can also get general information about the different types of schemes that are available at the official portal.
  • There are 58 services available from 8 different departments on the official website.
  • Service charges are 115 rupees plus department fee and printing charges wherever applicable.
  • There are different types of slots available for the people and the people can book their slots and visit the government authority to get their services at any time from 8 AM to 8:00 p.m.
  • Citizens will also get feedback opportunities and then they can easily give their honest feedback regarding the delivery of the services.
Benefits of Karnataka Janasevaka 
  • Citizens will be able to go to the concerned authorities and they will be helping them to apply for the different types of welfare schemes.
  • Officers at the official government offices will be delivering the complaint of a particular citizen to the concerned authorities and then the delivery of the services will take place.
  • People are also provided a list of services through which they can choose from and then they can apply for the service of their choice without having to worry about visiting the government office.
  • People can also apply for different types of services without having to worry about the time and money that they will have to waste. 
  • You can also check the details related to your slot by visiting the official website and they can easily check the application status. 
Service List 
Department Services 
BBMP1 ) Khata Transfer base on Sale deed2 ) Khata Transfer Through a Court Decree3 ) Khata Transfer Through Gift4 ) Khata Transfer Through Inheritance5 ) Khata Transfer Through Partition deed6 ) Khata Transfer Through Release deed7 ) Khata Bifurcation Based on a Sale Deed8 ) Khata Bifurcation Through a Court Decree9 ) Khata Bifurcation Through Gift10 ) Khata Bifurcation Through Inheritance11 ) Khata Bifurcation through Partition/Release deed12 ) Khata Registration Common Category For Regist13 ) Khata Registration through Court Decree14 ) Khata Registration through Gift15 ) Khata Registration through Inheritance16 ) Khata Regist Thru Partition deed17 ) Khata Registration through Release deed18 ) Khata Amalgamation based on a Sale Deed19 ) Application for the Registration of New Trade Licence
Dept For Empowerment Of Differently Abled and Senior Citizens1 ) Senior Citizen Card
Directorate of Economics and Statistics1 ) Application for Birth Certificate2 ) Application for Birth Registration3 ) Application for Death Certificate4 ) Application for Death Registration
Labour 1 ) Funeral Assistance2 ) Educational Assistance3 ) Medical Assistance4 ) Marriage Assistance5 ) Regt with KAR Construction Buildings Welfare Board6 ) Continuation of existing regt for next one or three years7 ) Duplicate Identity Card8 ) Assistance for Delivery9 ) Application for Pension
PAN CARD Services1 ) Digital Application – NEW PHYSICAL PAN CARD (F49A/F49AA/CSF)2 ) Digital Application – NEW E-PAN CARD (F49A/F49AA/CSF)3 ) PHYSICAL Application – NEW PHYSICAL PAN CARD (F49A/F49AA/CSF)4 ) PHYSICAL Application – NEW E-PAN CARD (F49A/F49AA/CSF)
Police 1 ) License for Amusement2 ) NOC for Petrol Pump, Hotel, Gas Agency etc3 ) Police Verification Certificate for Marriage Alliance-Antecedent Verification4 ) Police VC for Training or Apprenticeship at Govt Institutions ANTECEDENTS VERIFICATION5 ) PVC – Coolie/Loader/Class IV security staff/supervisor at Airport – Individual applicants only6 ) Police VC – Job aspirants (General) – Antecedents & Address Verification7 ) Receipt and Disposal of Petitions8 ) Antecedant and Address Verification for Domestic servants or House Keeping9 ) Antecedents Verification for MNCs or Private or Corporate10 ) Antecedents and Address Verification for MNCs or Private or Corporate11 ) No Obligation to Return to India12 ) Application for complaint of lost items – Mobile/Document13 ) Application for Locked home registration14 ) Application for registration of Senior Citizen15 ) Complaint Registration16 ) License for Amplified Sound Systems17 ) NOC for Setting up for Petroleum, Diesel and Naphtha Sale and Transport18 ) Permission for Peaceful Assembly and Procession19 ) Police Clearance Certificate for going abroad / Police Clearance Certificate for Foreign Nationals20 ) Police Verification Certificate for central/state Govt Employees request directly by employee21 ) Police Verification Certificate for Institutions/Companies
Revenue 1 ) Income Certificate2 ) Caste Certificates3 ) Income and Caste Certificates4 ) Land Holding Certificate5 ) Bonafied Certificate6 ) Solvency Certificate7 ) Attestation of Family Tree8 ) Non Creamy Layer Certificate9 ) Income Certificate For Compassionate Appointment10 ) Living Certificate11 ) OBC Certificate12 ) Residence Certificate13 ) Domicile Certificate14 ) Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension15 ) Sandhya Suraksha Yojane16 ) Widow Pension17 ) Physically Handicapped Pension18 ) Surviving Family Member Certificate19 ) Unemployment Certificate
UIDAI1 ) Aadhaar New Enrollment2 ) Mobile Number/Email-Id Update in Aadhaar3 ) Address Update in Aadhaar4 ) Biometric Update5 ) Date of Birth Update in Aadhaar6 ) Name change update in Aadhaar7 ) Child Aadhar Enrolment (Within 5 year)8 ) Demographic Updation/ Correction / Change in Aadhaar9 ) Mandatory Biometric Updation (Between 5 to 15 Years)10 ) Document Update (POI/POA)
Government Guarantee Schemes1 ) Gruha Jyothi Application Filing

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Janasevaka 2023 Slot Booking Process

  • You will first have to visit the Janasevaka website of the scheme by clicking on the link given here
Karnataka Janasevaka Official Website
  • The home page will open on your screen
  • You have to click on the option called Book A Slot
Book A Slot
  • The registration form will open on your screen where you will have to enter your personal information and service information.
  • Verify your mobile number and successfully apply for the service of your choice.


  • You will first have to visit the official website of the scheme by clicking on the link given here
  • The home page will open on your screen
  • You have to click on the Login option and a new page will open on your screen.
Process To Do Login
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click on the login option and the dashboard will open on your screen.

Download Karnataka Janasevaka Slot Booking Mobile App

  • You will first have to go to the Android Play Store or Apple Store 
  • Search for the mobile app and download the Mobile One App. 
  • Log on to the mobile app and click on Jana Sevaka
  • Citizens can see the list of available services on the app. 
  • Click on the service of your choice and confirm.
  • Once Citizen confirms, available slots will be displayed to citizens. 
  • Citizens can book any of the available slots based on their convenience. Once the slot is booked, an OTP will be sent to the citizen which has to be shared with Jana Sevaka at the time of service delivery.
  • After booking confirmation, Jana Sevaka will be assigned to fill that slot. 
  • Jana Sevaka will visit the citizen’s home on the requested date and time. 
  • Once the citizen shares the OTP with Jana Sevaka, he/she will assist the citizen in filling out the application form. 
  • Jana Sevaka will collect the Service fee along with the department fee required to avail of the service
  • Citizens will get an acknowledgment via SMS on their mobile
  • Once the application is processed by the concerned department, Jana Sevaka will deliver the certificate/NOC/Permission/License etc. to the citizen’s home
  • After service is completed, feedback will be sought from citizens for further improvement of service delivery
Contact Details 
  • Number
    •  +080–49203888,+080-44554455
  • Address
    •  Embassy Icon Building at Level 4 Infantry Road, Bangalore-560051
Karnataka Janasevaka Slot Booking FAQs
What is the Karnataka Janasevaka Slot Booking program?

Jana Sevaka is an initiative by the Government of Karnataka that was launched to provide Doorstep Delivery of Government Services to the citizens in order to ease their lives.

How much do I have to pay to avail of services through Janasevaka?

Citizens will be charged a nominal Facilitation fee of Rs115 along with a department fee for the requested service. Printing charges will be added wherever applicable.

How do I confirm if my slot is booked or not?

Once you confirm and book your slot, you will receive an SMS on your mobile number with slot details and an OTP. You need to share your OTP with the officers in order to receive your application when you visit the authorities.

How do I track the status of service availed through Jana Sevaka?

You will get SMS updates on the registered mobile number at each step of the application process and application status can also be tracked using the official website.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

Yes, you can reschedule your appointment one hour before the scheduled time in case of any unforeseen circumstances by calling the call center (080–49203888,080-44554455) or via mobile app.

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