National Service Scheme (NSS) 2024: Important Details, Objective & Implementation

National Service Scheme:- In this article today, we will share with all of you the details about the National Service Scheme which has been launched by the concerned authorities of the Government of India. In this article, we will also share with all of you the details about the NSS including the history of the scheme, objectives of the scheme, benefits of the scheme, and all of the other details which are quite necessary if you want to be a part of the NSS in your college days. In this article, we have also shared the implementation procedure that has been undertaken by the concerned holidays government to implement this scheme for the year 2022.

About National Service Scheme

The National Service Scheme was launched by the concerned authorities of the Government of India for students who want to take part in volunteer activities during their college time. A lot of activities are provided in the national service scheme to develop different types of characteristics for the students. The students are free to take part in any of the activities which are presented by this scheme. The scheme has been launched to keep track of the characteristics of the students so that they can do something good for humanity and the earth. A type of salary is also provided to the students who take part in volunteer activities under the national service scheme.

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History Of National Service Scheme

In the draft initial Five-Year Plan embraced by the administration in 1952, the requirement for social and work administration by Indian understudies for one year was pushed. In 1958 Jawaharlal Nehru thought about the possibility of social assistance as essential for graduation. He guided the Ministry of Education to figure an appropriate plan for the presentation of public help into scholarly organizations. The Planning Commission authorized a cost of ₹5 crores for the NSS during the Fourth Five-Year Plan, specifying that the NSS be a pilot venture in chosen foundations and colleges. On 24 September 1969, the then Union Education Minister V.K.R.V. Rao dispatched the NSS to 37 colleges of all states. The plan has been stretched out to all states and colleges in the nation, and furthermore +2 level foundations in numerous states.

Details Of This Scheme

NameNational Service Scheme (NSS)
Launched byGovernment of India
BeneficiariesStudents of India
ObjectiveProviding different types of activities with salary

Objectives Of NSS

The program intends to ingrain the possibility of social government assistance in understudies and to offer support to society without predisposition. NSS volunteers work to guarantee that every penniless individual finds support to improve their way of life and lead an existence of poise. In doing so, volunteers gain from individuals in towns how to have a decent existence notwithstanding a shortage of assets. it likewise assists in regular and man-made debacles by giving food, apparel, and medical aid to the calamity’s casualties. The main objective is to prepare man-made power which will be very essential in the problems related to humanity.

Benefits Of National Service Scheme

The main benefit of the organization is to understand the community in which they work. The organization also helps in the relationship of the community. The organization is also responsible to identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem-solving. It also helps in developing a sense of social and civic responsibility. Also helps in utilizing the knowledge so that practical solutions can be found to individual and community problems. It also helps in sharing responsibilities and developing competence. The organization will help people to gain skills by participating in volunteer services. People will also be able to acquire leadership qualities. The participants will be able to fight natural disasters.

Implementation Procedure

The public level of India is the nodal authority, which works with state-level NSS cells. State-level NSS cells are the obligation of the individual state governments. Inside states, every college has a university-level NSS cell under which establishments (schools and universities) based NSS units work. Most government and government-helped foundations have volunteer NSS units. Establishments are urged to have NSS volunteers. A unit commonly contains 20–40 understudies. They are overseen inside by a party in question from the school or school, who reports to the territorial NSS facilitator. Most foundations don’t have a different uniform for NSS volunteers as one of the extraordinary and devoted toward the government assistance of India Captain.

Stipend Of National Service Scheme

The following stipend will be provided to the beneficiaries who take part in the national service scheme:-

  • An amount of Rs.250/-per volunteer per annum is released towards Regular Activities (RAs)
  • Rs.450/- per volunteer per Special Camping Programme (SCP) which is of 7-day duration to be organized in the adopted villages/urban slums.
  • The Government of India provides 100% financial assistance to run NSS Regional Directorates, State NSS Cells, and Empanelled Training Institute (ETI).
Activities Available

The following activities have to be performed by the beneficiaries under the national service scheme:-

  • Cleaning
  • Afforestation
  • Stage shows or a procession creating awareness of such issues as social problems, education, and cleanliness
  • Awareness Rallies
  • Inviting doctors to health camps
National Service Yojana Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must follow the following eligibility criteria while applying for the scheme:-

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of India
  • The applicant must be studying the following courses:-
    • 11th Class
    • 12th Class
    • +2 Board level
    • Student youth of Technical Institution
    • Graduate at colleges and University level in India
    • Post Graduate at colleges and University level in India

Application Procedure Of National Service Scheme

All of the students can directly enroll themselves under the National Service Scheme by taking admission to any of the universities of colleges residing in India.

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