Ayyankali Scholarship 2024 Online Application Form and Check Eligibility

Ayyankali Scholarship:- For the advancement of students in the SC category, the Kerala State Government established the Ayyankali Scholarship 2024. Students will be chosen for this scholarship programme based on the results of a talent search test. The government established this scholarship programme in order to aid financially struggling students in the region. Even though the plan was put into place in 2012, it is still in effect here. A variety of financing packages were recently offered by Kerala’s chief minister to enable better project delivery. You must read this article in order to learn more about the Ayyankali Scholarship 2024. Below are listed the eligibility requirements, the application process, the required documents, the application deadline, the selection process, and numerous other important details.

About Ayyankali Scholarship 2024

The Kerala State Government’s SC Development Department has established the Ayyankali Scholarship.  Under this scholarship, the  SC- students of kerala are eligible to apply. The scholarship programme will help children who are enrolled in grades 5 to 10th. Beneficiaries will get a monthly cash award to cover those costs. The procedure of filling out an application form is done in offline mode. Before or on the deadline, interested candidates can register their applications.The government established this scholarship programme in order to aid financially struggling students in the region. The annual scholarship value is Rs. 4500 under this scholarship. The student whose parents’ annual income is not more than Rs. 20,000 will be granted Rs. 2000 to purchase furniture.

Ayyankali Scholarship
Ayyankali Scholarship

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Objective of the Scholarship Scheme 2024

  • The Ayyankali Scholarship programmes were established by the Kerala State Government with the goal of advancing students in Kerala’s SC category.
  • The government established this scholarship programme in order to aid financially struggling students in the region.
  • The students will be assisted by this scholarship programme in finishing their academic requirements through the 10th standard.

Key Highlights of Ayyankali Scholarship 2024

Launched ByGovernment of Kerala
Name of ScholarshipAyyankali Scholarship 2023
ObjectiveTo provide financial aid
BenefitsRs- 4500
Eligiility CriteriaParents’ annual income is not more than Rs. 20,000
BeneficiariesSC students of kerala

Benefits of Ayyankali Scholarship 2024

Selected students will receive the following financial rewards.

  • The annual scholarship will be given to eligible students worth Rs. 4500.
  • The student whose parents’ annual income is not more than Rs. 20,000 will be granted Rs. 2000 to purchase furniture.
  • Students who consume nutritious food will receive $100 per month.

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Features of Ayyankali Scholarship 2024

  • Financial stability – The Kerala government sought to give the urban poor financial security and stability through the implementation of this programme.
  • Unskilled sector – Under this programme, qualified applicants will be hired to work in the unorganised, low-paying sector.
  • City employment – Only those who live in urban areas are eligible for the programme. The creation of more jobs in the cities was the main goal of the scheme’s execution.
  • For each day of service, the state government gives a fixed salary of Rs. 271.
  • Stipulated amount of working days – The state administration stated that all chosen beneficiaries will get employment commitments of up to 100 days.
  • Location – The beneficiary will be assigned job that is within a 5-kilometre radius of where they now reside. This was also noted in the scheme draught.
  • Reserve for women – According to the official plan draught, there will be a 50% reservation for women to join the urban task force. An effort was made to empower women.
  • The Keralan government has said that it will contribute Rs. 42 core to this programme, which will be used to improve 82 Municipal areas.
  • Financial help for unorganised sector workers – The state government has put aside Rs. 15 crore in an effort to provide registered unorganised sector workers with better financial support.
  • Monetary support for tailors– The government has provided the Tailoring Workers Welfare Fund with a grant of Rs. 9.70 crore to ensure the improvement of the registered tailors in the state.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must live there: Only those who are legally residing in the designated urban region in Kerala may apply for the 100 days of work.
  • Must be an adult – If the candidate is under the age of 18, they will not be permitted to participate in this programme.
  • The candidate must not hold a job that is permanent and earns a considerable salary in order to be eligible for this programme.
  • BPL and EWS classifications – The applicants from the EWS and BPL groups will be chosen for the programme.
  • A bank account is required because the salary transaction will take place through the bank account. Therefore, the applicant must be in possession of a bank account.
Documents Required
  • Residential certificates – In order to prove that they are legitimate residents of Kerala, interested applicants must provide photocopies of their residential certificates.
  • Identification evidence – You must provide photocopies of documents like your voter registration card, ration card, or Aadhar card.
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s Aadhar card must be included with the application form as a requirement. For the verification procedure, it will be used.
  • Age verification – Because only adults are permitted to participate in the programme, a copy of an official birth certificate or other proof of age must be sent with the registration form.
  • BPL or EWS certificate – The candidate must submit copies of their BPL or EWS certificates because the scheme was put in place to promote the financial security of the poor in urban areas.
  • Bank account information – As part of the application procedure, the candidate must include his or her bank account information. The worker’s bank account will receive the monthly salary payment.
Significant Dates
  • The application form must be submitted by February 21.
  • On March 12, a talent search examination will be held.

How to Apply for an Ayyankali Scholarship

  • Students must obtain the application form from the district development officer’s office in order to apply for the scholarship.
  • Complete the application form with the essential details.
  • Place the image there and join the aforementioned files.
  • Examine the application thoroughly.
  • Hand deliver the application form to the same office.

Selection Method

The Talent Search exam will be used to determine which candidates will get scholarships. Only 200 chosen students are allowed to take the scholarship test. The grades from the fourth and seventh grades will be taken into consideration while choosing the pupils for the examination.

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