E Shram Card Download 2024 By Name and Aadhar Number

E Shram Card:- Candidates who sign up for e-Shram will receive a card from the Ministry of Labor and Employment with their unique identification number (UAN), which is the same as the Aadhar number. For a variety of reasons, applicants might want to download their e-SHRAM Card, including those who haven’t gotten theirs yet or those who have already done so and want to do so again. According to their level of comfort, applicants may E Shram Card Download for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways. We will discover how to download the card in this piece, along with its use and benefits. There are additional download techniques as well, which we shall go through in this piece.

About E Shram Card Download 2024

For the convenience of E Shram Card applicants and beneficiaries, the Central Government has launched a new online service called E Shram Card Download. The Shramik Card initiative, which is administered by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Central Government, offers e-shram cards to workers in unorganized businesses. These cards can be downloaded via this online facility. All employees and laborers in the nation’s unorganized sector are given financial aid after enrolling in or registering for the E Shram Card program. Candidates must have their labor card, which they may now download with the aid of the official website eshram.gov.in, in order to be eligible for this financial aid offered by the federal government. Workers who are interested in applying must first confirm that they match the prerequisites, which are listed on the eshram.gov.in website.

E Shram Card
E Shram Card

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Objective of The Scheme 2024

The Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India, introduced an online service called E Shram Card Download with the primary goal of enabling recipients of Shram Cards managed by the Central Government to download their E Shram Cards. The E Shram Card program includes an online capability, which makes it easier for the benefited unorganized workers to get a copy of the Shram Card by going to the official website. Beneficiary employees wish to download this card for a variety of reasons, including worker loss, recent registration completion, inaccuracy in employee personal information on the card, etc. Beneficial employees can readily access this facility through online means while at home, saving them both time and money.

Key Highlights of E Shram Card Download 2024

Launched By Ministry of Labor and Employment
Name of Post E Shram Card Download 2023
ObjectiveTo download E Shram Card online
BenefitsUp to two lakh rupees in insurance
Eligibility CriteriaPermanent residents of India
Beneficiariesall employees in the unorganized sector
Method to download E Shram cardThree ways to get the UAN Mobile Number A fingerprint (Biometry)

Benefits and Features

  • The Central Government’s Shram Card scheme includes an online service called E Shram Card Download as a key component.
  • Beneficiary employees in the unorganized sector can download their E Shram cards via this online service.
  • After registering for the e-shram card, candidates can use this online service from the comfort of their own homes to obtain their card.
  • Beneficiaries could want to download their E-Shram Cards for a variety of reasons, including the card hasn’t been downloaded yet, it needs to be downloaded again, the beneficiary’s photo is hidden on the card, the name is displayed incorrectly, etc.
  • Unorganized workers who want to download the Shram Card can do it in a number of ways, depending on their level of comfort.
  • By logging in to the Ministry of Labor & Employment, the Government of India’s official website, applicants can obtain their Shram Cards from both their mobile device and laptop.
  • Like the Aadhar card, which has 12 digits, this Shram card is special.
  • The unorganized sector employees are distinguished by the 12-digit number on this card, which enables the government to offer them additional advantages.
  • Many businesses check in their contracts whether the prospective employee has an e-labor card before offering them employment.
  • Thus, in addition to receiving different government benefits, employees of the unorganized sector also require an E Shram Card in order to receive benefits from private enterprises.
Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must meet specific program-specific eligibility requirements in order to receive benefits from any government programme. Similar to this, it will be necessary for candidates to meet the following eligibility requirements associated with this initiative in order to receive the advantages offered under the Shram Card Download facility made accessible by the Government of India:-

  • Candidates for the Shram Card Download must be citizens of India on a permanent basis.
  • The Shramik Scheme will require all candidates to register as employed workers.
  • The candidate worker’s age must fall within the range of 18 and 59 years old in order to download the E Shram Card under this initiative.
Documents Required

The following documentation is required for such eager unorganized workers in the nation who wish to download their Shram Card:-

  • The applicants’ Aadhar cards should be connected to their bank accounts in order to use Shram Card Download.
  • To get an OTP for login, applicants must have a registered mobile number.

Application Procedure for E Shram Card Download 2024

  • A cell phone number is one of the many ways to download a card.
  • To get started, first you need to go to the official website of E Shram Card.
E Shram Card Download
E Shram Card Download
E Shram Card Download
Registration Form
  • A new page will then display, where you must enter the mobile number connected to the account.
  • You must then confirm the OTP that was sent to your mobile device.
  • When a user clicks the submit button.
  • The Aadhaar number that may be found on your Aadhaar card must be entered on a different page after you have been forwarded there.
  • You must keep in mind that an Aadhar Card must first be enrolled for an e-shram card.
  • You will be prompted for a second OTP, known as the Aadhar OTP, after entering the Aadhar number. The phone number connected to your Aadhar card receives this right away.
  • You must enter the OTP that you received on your mobile device on the website in order to continue.
  • You must select the download UAN card on the new page with two options that will appear.
  • When you choose this option, your shram card will be shown and a PDF will be printed, which you can easily present at home or at any business that prints documents.

The UAN Number is not yet available; at the moment, you can only obtain an e-Sram card using your cellphone number, Aadhar card number, and one-time password (OTP). As soon as it becomes available, we’ll let you know.

Status of an E-Shram Card before downloading

Obtaining an E-Shram card will give you a special 12-digit number. This is sometimes referred to as the UAN! Which employee is a permanent employee? It never changes. If you’ve attempted to obtain it! Your e Shram Card has also vanished! In order to obtain the e-Shram Card once more, please complete these instructions:

  • Follow a set of instructions if you want to find out if you can download the automobile.
  • To find out whether you have been paid or not, you must check the application’s status. After checking the status, you can also see the choice to download the e-shram card.
  • Visit the official website of e-Shram portal first.
  • You must click the “login with a shram card” link on the homepage.
  • Therefore, it’s simple since your phone number and e-shram card are already connected.
  • Your phone number, which is connected to your account, is all that is required to complete the transaction.
  • You must provide your mobile number before receiving an OTP that must be entered.
  • To check the status of your card after signing in, click the “Check card status” link on the dashboard.
  • It’s simple to determine whether you’ve been paid or not, but you must authenticate all of your details, including your photo.
  • Since everyone was meant to receive the first payment, it’s alarming if you haven’t received it yet.
  • You may quickly download the card if everything is in order with your status.

Contact Details

If you have more query related to this E Shram Card Download, then contact on 14434.

E Shram Card FAQs
What is the objective of E Shram card download?

The primary goal of E Shram card is to enable labourers to download their E Shram Cards online

Who are the beneficiaries of the E shram card ?

All employees in the unorganized sector are the beneficiaries of the E Shram Card.

What is the official website to download E Shram card online?

The official website to download e shram card is https://eshram.gov.in/

What is the age limit for workers to apply for E shram card?

The worker’s age must fall within the range of 18 and 59 years in order to apply for the E Shram Card

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