NESL e-UDBHAVAM 2024 Portal: New Registration, Login and Status

The challenges with documentation caused a number of people in India to lose business they would recall losing. Additionally, the loan application process takes a very long time when people try to get a loan. There is a remedy for these disagreement issues, and it is referred to as the e-UDBHAVAM. NeSL-Information Utility, which is intended to remotely execute the agreements in a fully automated manner, provides you with the e-UDBHAVAM site. The goal of the following article is to introduce eUDBHAVAM and explain its benefits, eligibility conditions, and required supporting paperwork. After that, we will understand the registration process, login process, and the many tools available on this portal, as well as how to use it on a mobile device or a desktop computer.


A new website called NESL e-UDBHAVAM 2024 Portal has been developed by the recently founded NeSL in Bengaluru. With the debut of a new government website, the process of finding notary publics for a variety of paperwork tasks, along with agreements and contracts, is going to be made simpler. People require notary services for various types of papers, but obtaining these services might be challenging given that only notaries, gazetted authorities, etc., are permitted to notarize. Besides It also covers any additional charges that a notary public or justice of the peace might impose. During agreements, people occasionally forget to bring certain documents. By creating e-UDBHAVAM, a platform where people and businesses in Karnataka can sign documents without having to register them, NeSL has simplified the procedure. There are so many advantages in one portal for so many troubles.

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The objective of NESL e-UDBHAVAM 2024 Portal

The NESL e-UDBHAVAM portal’s main goal is to make it easier and easier to sign, validate, and execute documents relating to any paperwork or agreements that are necessary in business all in one place. Due to disagreements in the agreement and also because of a lack of information and comprehension, many people have lost business with parties. The NESL e-UDBHAVAM portal thus provides a way to clear the way of these obstacles.

Key Highlights of NESL e-UDBHAVAM 2024 Portal

Name of PortalUsing this platform, organizations and individuals can carry out contracts whenever they want, from wherever they are
Launched ByR Ashoka, Minister, Income Division, Authorities of Karnataka
ObjectiveTo make the signing, verifying, and execution of documents that are necessary for agreements easier and more convenient
BenefitsUsing this platform, organisations and individuals can carry out contracts whenever they want, from wherever they are
Eligibility CriteriaResidents of Karnataka
Launch Date25th of April 2022

Benefits of NESL e-UDBHAVAM 2023 Portal

  • This internet platform allows businesses and residents to execute legally binding agreements.
  • This portal will ensure that the citizens don’t need to visit various departments for submitting documents and filling agreements. This is a single all-in-one portal.
  • Residents don’t need to give additional charges as they were given previously in government offices.
  • The e-UDBHAVAM website also enables digital payments for Stamp Duty Charges using the digital environment for stamping that NeSL offers.
  • By digitizing all of the work on the portal, the entire process of official stamp papers and associated documents is converted to paperless work. Platforms that use NESL are paperless platforms.
  • Any digitally completed agreements that are generated and preserved between parties who use the e-UDBHAVAM Portal have a strong legal foundation thanks to the provisions of the Karnataka Stamp Act from 1957, the Information Technology Act from 2000, and the Indian Evidence Act from 1872.
  • All parties to an agreement will be able to examine and sign it using Aadhaar’s eSign functionality without having to meet in person or with a government representative from the comfort of their homes or offices.
  • This platform enables organisations and individuals to carry out contracts whenever and from any location.
e-UDBHAVAM Portal allows users to execute a variety of official documents

The e-UDBHAVAM Portal allows users to sign a variety of formal documents, including agreements, affidavits, deeds of hypothecation, indemnity bonds, and pledges.

  • Agreement: Every promise and every set of promises have an agreement in place, and these promises and sets of promises collectively serve as the consideration for one another. Service contracts, lease agreements, employee and company contracts, etc. are some examples.
  • Affidavits: Also known as a sworn/Affidavit declaration, an affidavit is a written statement that you swear to be true and that may be used as evidence in a judicial case. Examples of common ones include name changes for anyone and documents pertaining to marriage, such as divorce settlement suits.
  • Hypothesis: Act of A deed is used to place a charge on the object as security for the loan when a loan is granted to purchase something that can be moved. such as loans for cars or real estate.
  • Indemnity bond: If something goes wrong, as when you borrow money from a bank or transfer property to the rightful owners, you have the legal right to get money from the principle under an indemnity bond. Examples include when a death claim or government compensation programme is present.
  • Pledge: A typical illustration is depositing gold in a bank to obtain a loan.
Documents Required

All individuals must have relevant documents in order to register on the NESL e-UDBHAVAM Portal.

  • Important Paperwork
  • Email ID
  • Mobile number
  • PAN/EPIC information
  • Aadhaar
Eligibility Criteria
  • All the residents of Kerala are eligible for applying under NESL e-UDBHAVAM 2023 Portal.

Process for Registration and Login Portal

  • To register yourself on the e-UDBHAVAM Portal, follow this comprehensive step-by-step guide from any laptop or smartphone.
  • Both private citizens and companies can register. The person who is permitted to log in should register on the NeSL portal on behalf of entities (firms, institutions, agents). We must first learn how to log in before we can register.
  • Applicants first needs to open the e-UDBHAVAM Portal’s official webpage.
User Registration
  • Consequently, you will be taken to a new page.
  • Four steps are taken to complete a new registration.

Phase 1: You must complete KYC using an Aadhar card.

During registration, Enter your mobile number, email address, and choose your KYC ID—either your voter ID or pan card. You must enter the card’s ID number after choosing them. Afterward, you must type the password again and use the same password. The box next to each condition is checked. Click next.

Phase 2: You must now complete KYC using an Aadhar

Perform KYC with a document upload for Aadhar

Validate your face as we move into the third phase

The user’s Aadhaar photo will be matched with his live photo for facial authentication-based activities in order to add an extra layer of verification and thwart fraud.

Verify the KYC information, then click “Submit.”
  • The user must indicate whether they agree or disagree with the details that will be displayed on the screen.
  • After submitting that, an acknowledgment will be displayed.
  • Registration was a success.
  • Similar to individuals, firms, the party with whom the agreement must be executed, must adhere to these registration requirements in order to move forward.
Stamping and Documentation Adding Requirements
Adding Requirements
Adding Requirements
  • Select Login by clicking. After entering your password, click “Login.”
Stamping and Documentation
  • Any choice you choose will prompt you with three options. View Transaction History, Execute New Agreement, and View All Pending Agreements. Select the justification you like, then carry on.
  • Then select “Karnataka” as the state.
  • Select a file type that is no larger than 5 Mb to upload.
  • Verify after that, then carry on.
  • Continue to enter more information using PAN (your username will be displayed), and when done, click the submit button.
  • Following the viewing of the settlement’s conditions and the disclosure of more specific information about each of the parties, the first party will proceed with paying the stamp needed through the cost gateway.
  • By paying the necessary sum, First Occasion will enable NeSL to get an e-Stamp from Inventory Holding Company of India Limited (“SHCIL”).
  • According to the Stamp Act, the pertinent state agencies must pay the necessary stamp duty.
  • The e-UDBHAVAM portal enables digital payment of Stamp Responsibility fees for any non-registrable settlement or contract that relates to financial credit (lender and debtors) or operational credit (provider and purchaser) or other parties to the contract. It does this by utilising the payment gateway within the digital e-Stamping ecosystem of NeST. Any credit-related non-registrable settlement or contract can be handled in this way.
  • The agreement will be handed to the executor in the form of a single document after the agreement has been combined and given a single document to the executor after an electronic stamp has been received and attached to it as the agreement’s primary page.
E-Signing Settlement
  • After completing the prior procedures, you must move to an electronic signature, or e-sign.
  • The parties’ signatures or electronic signatures will now be collected by the NESL portal in order. In the order specified, it will ask the first party for an E sign first, then the second, and finally the third. without having to interact with any authority figures or each other in person.
  • The document is based on the biometric signature from the CDAC website, which is concerned with NESL or Digital Signature Certificates, or the Aadhar OTP (DSC).
  • The CDAC website, a company that works for the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and is authorised by CCA to provide e-authentication-based e-sign services, performs electronic signatures.
  • The contending parties and other parties are notified by email and SMS that they must digitally sign the agreement in order for the execution procedure to be completed.
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