Haryana Ladli Social Security Allowance Scheme 2023: Apply Online and Check List

Daughters are the blessing of God. India is a country where daughters are treated as Lakshmi or Saraswati. But many narrow-minded peoples mistreated them or consider them a burden. The rate of Female foeticide was rising but our government was taken some serious steps towards this issue to prevent it and started making schemes for the welfare or security of female children. Haryana Ladli Social Security Allowance Scheme is one of that schemes. Ladli Pension Scheme was created by the State Government of Haryana and it is accountable in both the rural and urban areas spanning the state.

The Ladli Scheme‘s main goal is to improve the prestige and worth of female children in their families and in society at large. The programme was introduced in 2006. This plan will also fight against the foeticide of girl children and guarantee the right to birth and survival. Additionally, it advances the child’s education and raises the declining female-to-male ratio.

About Haryana Ladli Social Security Allowance Scheme 2023

The Ladli Social Security Allowance Scheme was introduced by the Social Justice Department of the Haryana government in 2017. In accordance with this social welfare programme, the government offers Haryana state households with only girl children financial support in the form of a monthly allowance. Initially Rs. 300 each family was supplied. Families may enrol in this programme starting 15 years after the mother’s or father’s 45th birthday. The surviving parent will receive this in the event that both parents pass away. The rate of allowance has been increased by the government from 300 to 500. The government raised the charges for the programme to Rs. 1400 per beneficiary every month.

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Objective of Haryana Ladli Social Security Allowance Scheme 2023

The main goal of the Ladli programme is described in more detail below:

  • It will be eliminating the feeling of uncertainty and motivate couples to have daughters.
  • Curbing gender-selective abortion through raising the worth of the female child.
  • To increase the number of students attending school by educating girls.
  • To lower the school dropout rate for girls.

Key Highlights of Haryana Ladli Social Security Allowance Scheme 2023

Launched BySocial Justice Department of the Haryana government
Name of SchemeHaryana Ladli Social Security Allowance Scheme 2023
ObjectiveTo provide financial assistance
Benefits Rs.1800
Eligibility CriteriaFamilies of Haryana having only girl child
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Official WebsiteClick Here

Benefits of Haryana Ladli Social Security Allowance Scheme 2023

The Ladli Pension Scheme comes with a number of advantages,

  • The idea gives the family, who has solely female children, confidence.
  • All families with solely girl children are given Rs. 1800 under this programme by the government.

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Death Benefits

  • The Ladli Pension Scheme offers an opportunity for the other parent to profit in the event that one of the child’s parents passes away. And the relevant officials take the necessary actions.
  • The mother of the kid will be qualified to receive the pension amount if the child’s father passes away while the plan is in effect.
  • The child’s father may be eligible to receive the pension amount if the mother of the child passes away while the programme is in effect.
  • The surviving partner becomes eligible to apply for the Old Age Samman Allowance programme when they become 60 years old.

Contribution Each Month

  • This programme has been created specifically for families that are having a difficult time raising their daughter.
  • The recipient of the Ladli Scheme is not required to make any contributions.
  • The beneficiary of this scheme will get the amount stated every month from the government.

Details of the program’s beneficiaries, budget, and expenses are as follows:

Financial YearBeneficiariesBudgetExpenditure
2019-2042,486Rs. 97.25Rs. 96.76
2020-2128,642Rs. 118.95Rs. 111.39
2021-2232,229Rs. 94.00Rs. 92.84
2022-2332,329Rs. 135.10Rs. 16.16
Eligibility Criteria
  • Any family with one or more biological daughters and no biological or adopted sons who resides in Haryana or works for the Haryana government is eligible for assistance.
  • To qualify for benefits under this plan, the family’s combined annual gross income must not exceed $2,000,000.
  • After either of the two parents turns 45, the eligible family will be eligible to receive benefits under the scheme for a period of 15 years. The mother will receive the benefit if she lives. If the mother passes away, the benefit will be given to the father.
  • The parents must ensure that the infant is fully inoculated and the child’s birth must be recorded with the government.
  • The youngster must reside in the state of Haryana with at least one member of the household.
  • According to the child’s age, the youngster must be enrolled in the school.
  • Either the mother or the father of the kid enrolled in this programme will get the payment.
Documents Required

The Ladli Scheme application process requires the submission of a number of documents.

  • Verification of the parents’ identities. i.e. Aadhaar Card
  • Age-verification documentation for the parents
  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Proof of residence. i.e., Below Poverty Line ration card
  • Parents’ income certification
  • Evidence of Domiciliation
  • A copy of your bank’s passbook
  • A passport-sized photo

Application Method For Haryana Ladli Social Security Allowance Scheme

Haryana Ladli Social Security Allowance Scheme
Haryana Ladli Social Security Allowance Scheme
Haryana Ladli Social Security Allowance Scheme
Haryana Ladli Social Security Allowance Scheme
Application Form
Application Form
  • Download the application and fill it out completely and accurately.
  • Attach any necessary documentation, and check everything off on the application form’s check list.
  • Send the application to the appropriate social justice department.
  • The steps are as follows if the candidate chooses to use Atal Seva Kendra to apply for the programme:
  • Anyone who qualifies for consideration can obtain the form from the website.
  • Complete all the needed fields and affix the required supporting documentation.
  • Send the application for the Ladli social security allowance programme to the closest Atal Seva Kendra staff.
  • The application will then be sent to the relevant authorities for review.
  • A beneficiary ID will be provided to the applicant following the successful verification of the application status. The registered mobile number will receive the ID.
  • The pension sum will be credited to the girl’s parents’ account if the application is approved.

Steps to Track the Application Details

The steps listed below can be used by the beneficiary to monitor pension information:

  • Visit the department of social justice in Haryana’s official website.
  • From the list of choices, choose the track beneficiary pension details option.
  • The page will change to a new page with choices to enter the beneficiary ID on it.
  • To log into the account, enter the beneficiary ID and the security code displayed below.
  • Click the “see details” button.
  • The beneficiary can now view the Ladli Scheme pension information.

Verify the Beneficiary List for the Name

The Ladli Social Security Allowance Scheme 2018 Beneficiaries List is available to registered individuals. Pensioners can use the processes listed below to see if their name is on the Beneficiaries List.

Beneficiary List
Beneficiary List
  • The candidate or parent must fill out this page with the following information:
  • District Area Block Municipality Village Ward Sector Pension Type – Select Ladli Social Security Scheme as the pension type.
  • Order of Sort
  • Once all the information has been entered, select View Beneficiary List.
  • Pensioner Name, Beneficiary ID, Aadhaar Number, Pension Amount will be displayed on the screen. The list of Beneficiaries contains the name of each Beneficiary.
Contact Details

Helpline: 0172-2715090

Saral Helpline :


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