mParivahan App Download 2024: Guide to Install and DL/RC Registration

It is not possible to always carry all the vehicle documents with you, sometimes we forget any of the documents which ultimately causes problems for us. To overcome this problem, Shri Nitin Gadkari launched the mParivahan App. The mParivahan App Download is launched to offer access to the common citizens to use this app through their mobile phone (Android or iPhone) which contains all the documents of your vehicle in softcopy to prevent any sort of problem. The mobile app will create transparency between the citizens and authorities. If you want to know more about this mParivahan App, the process to access it, registration of the vehicle, the app’s features, the details of each service that may be accessed through the app, and much more. Then read this article completely to eliminate any misconception.

mParivahan App Download
mParivahan App Download

About mParivahan App Download 2024

If you are tired of carrying your vehicle documents like RCs, tax payments, challans, emergency services, driving licence, and other things, then take a deep breath of relief. All these problems will be solved through your mobile phone. You just have to download the mParivahan App on your mobile phone, enter your phone number, and register your vehicle into this app and all your documents will be saved on your mobile phone. The goal of this m Parivahan mobile phone app was to provide citizens with full information about transportation services using technology. This app is a proper use of digital India. It is a very useful app that allows you to do all RTO-related tasks at once by sitting at your home and saving your precious time. You may find out information on any vehicle with the aid of this app

Key Highlights of mParivahan App Download

Launched ByMinistry of Road Transport and Highways
Name of AppmParivahan App Download 2024
ObjectiveMobile Based Application for both Android and iPhone 
BenefitsYou can access all the vehicle services
Eligibility CriteriaCitizens of India
Type of ApplicationMobile Application for both Android and iPhone 
Developed ByNational Informatics Centre
Official Website

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The objective of mParivahan App Download

mParivahan Mobile App is a great initiative taken by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, to offer vehicle-related facilities to citizens. Through the downloading of this app, you don’t need to carry the hard copy of your vehicle documents with you all the time. Through this app, you can access multiple services You can use the application to verify the vehicle’s registration and age if you’re interested in buying a secondhand car. If the car is in an accident, notifications and cautions will be sent. So, ultimately this mobile app is a whole package that contains all your documents and offers you various services. 

Benefits of mParivahan App Download

The mParivahan application has many advantages and makes the process of Registration for DL and RC simple. 

  • The mParivahan App is a package where you can store all your vehicle documents in the form of soft copies such as RCs, tax payments, challans, emergency services, driving licenses, and other things. From now on you don’t have to worry about the documents to always carry with you.
  • The mParivahan mobile app also allows users to get any type of information about any vehicle- car, bike, tractor, scooter, Jeep, etc. with an Indian registration.
  • A vehicle’s registration number can be entered to extract information about lost or stolen vehicles, accidents, parking tickets, etc.
  • Applicants can use a QR code that can be used by a user as a sticker on a virtual DL or RC.
  • Users have access to the challan status, payment information, and other challan details.
  • By simply entering the registration number, the app can deliver the vehicle details even when it is offline.
  • You can also get the information about the second-hand vehicle if you are interested in buying it. 

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Features of mParivahan App Download

mParivahan app provides a variety of services, some of which are listed below:

  • The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is responsible for the implementation of the mParivahan App. You can access this app on Android or iPhone.
  • This app will create a transparent environment between the citizen and the authority. You can easily use this mobile app for vehicle-related services. 
  • If a user does not have their original physical vehicle document with them, they can still show the traffic police staff their digital driving license (DL) or registration certificate (RC) at the time of the inspection.
  • If you are not comfortable with the English language then you can also use this mobile app according to your preferences, you can choose between English, Hindi, and Marathi. Soon, more languages will be added.
  • This mParivahan App is accessible to both the iOS and the Android operating systems.

Steps to Download the Application

  • Applicants first need to download the mParivahan app on their mobile phones. After installing the mParivahan app. You have to scroll down to click on the “Sign In” in the Menu option.
mParivahan App Download Official Website
mParivahan App Download Official Website
  • After that, you have to choose “Sign Up” on the page where you already have an account.
  • Here you have to click on I agree to the terms and conditions, therefore input your mobile number.
  • Now you have to enter the one-time password to confirm it.
  • After entering your name, click the “Submit” button to complete the profile-creation process.
  • Finally, a user account for you will be created on the m Parivahan App.
  • The user’s name and mobile phone number are now shown at the top of the webpage. 
  • Users can access the app and all of its features after completing the registration process successfully.
  • Now select your preferred Language. 
  • To sign in, select “Sign In” from the menu.
  • To continue, enter your account number. If not, click “Sign Up.”
  • To accept the terms, enter the cell phone number and select the checkbox.
  • Enter the OTP that was sent to the specified number.
  • Fill out your name and press “Submit” to finish your profile.
  • Finally, the user will create an account inside of the m Parivahan App.
  • The very top of the webpage will immediately reveal the user’s name and mobile number. You can use the app and all of its features once you complete the registration process.

Steps to Create mParivahan Virtual RC

  • First, you have to open the mParivahan app on your mobile phone.
  • Then simply select “Create Virtual RC” from the menu.
  • The Virtual RC dashboard will now appear. Make certain to click the Search button after entering your RC number.
  • Now, a pop-up window containing a comment about your activity history will appear. Please press the OK button to proceed.
  • Your mobile device’s screen will display the complete description of your car.
  • Scroll down the page to the bottom. You will be given the option to “See Challan” if there are any challans; otherwise, you can continue by selecting the “Add to Dashboard for Virtual RC” button.
  • So that we can confirm your RC, please mention your chassis number and engine number.
  • You will receive a notification after the RC has been verified telling you to “Head to the dashboard to verify your RC information.”
  • Once it is complete, your Virtual RC will be generated and shown on the RC dashboard.
  • Visit this page to see the Virtual RC details. The QR code and any additional pertinent RC data will open.
  • This QR code can be saved to your device so that you can present it when needed to the proper authorities.

Steps to Create mParivahan Virtual DL

  • First, you have to open the mParivahan app on your mobile phone.
  • From the option that displays on the dashboard, choose “My DL.”
  • Then, using your mouse, select the “Create virtual DL” option on DL.
  • Now you have to enter your DL number.
  • Your phone will display the data related to your driver’s license.
  • Your phone will display the data related to your driver’s license. If a challan needs to be viewed, select the “View Challan” option; otherwise, press “Add to Dashboard for Virtual DL” to proceed.
  • Check your DL. Please enter your date of birth and then select “Verify” to have your identity confirmed.
  • Your digital DL has now been created. Going to the dashboard will allow you to check your virtual DL.
  • Your virtual DL will be shown under the DL dashboard. It can be clicked to display further information.
  • Together with a QR code, the whole information for the Virtual Driving Licence will be displayed. You can show the QR code to anyone who needs it by downloading it.

Step of Using the mParivahan Mobile App, to Look up Challan Details

  • On your Android device, you have to open the mParivahan app.
  • On the homepage, you have to click the mParivahan application’s upper-left corner now.
  • After that, you have to select the “Search Challan” option.
  • Now choose any of them using your DL number or RC.
  • At last, choose any one of the options, then type in the option’s details, and then click the search button.
Contact Details
  • Email Id- vahan[at]gov[dot]in
  • Phone no.- +91-120-4925505
mParivahan App Download 2024 FAQs
Is it possible to download and access this mParivahan app on my laptop or computer?

No, you cannot access this app on your laptop or computer. This is just operating on your Android and iPhone. 

What documents are stored in this app in softcopy?

The app will contain documents such as- RCs, tax payments, challans, emergency services, driving licences, and other things.

Is it possible to get information about second hand vehicles through this mobile app?

You can use the app to verify the vehicle’s registration and age if you’re interested in buying a secondhand automobile.

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